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May 2014

Apple Stock Split – Now It’s Affordable


Great News!  A share of Apple stock is now 7 times cheaper.  (more…)

Nov 2013

Hot News: Twitter WILL Issue Paper Stock Certificates

twitter stock certificate

twitter stock certificate


Great News!

Twitter’s transfer agent (Computershare) confirmed today that the company WILL issue paper stock certificates.  This bucks the latest trend of companies registering stock electronically in lieu of issuing paper.

The certificate design was part of its IPO filing.  It is printed on anti-counterfeiting paper with an ornate design and its unforgettable logo!

Buy Twitter IPO Stock – Now At GiveAshare.com

twitter stock certificate

twitter stock certificate


Hot News!  We’re proud to announce that you can now buy Twitter stock at GiveAshare.com.  It was added to our stock list just one minute ago.

If you want to give an unforgettable Christmas gift, this is it!




Nov 2013

Twitter IPO Stock – Coming Tomorrow Morning To GiveAshare.com

The Twitter IPO is tomorrow morning!  Can’t wait.  The most sought-after IPO since Facebook.  We’ll post here when it’s available.  See our Twitter stock FAQs.

twitter stock certificate

twitter stock certificate

Oct 2013

Twitter Picks NYSE and TWTR

TWTRonNYSETwitter decided it will list on the NYSE under the stock ticker TWTR.  The IPO is now expected in mid November, much earlier than anticipated.

You will be able to buy Twitter stock on GiveAshare.com the minute it goes active.

Sign up for our Twitter IPO Notification.

Oct 2013

Twitter IPO Fanatics = Dodo Bird?


This is a dodo bird.  It became extinct because of its inability to evolve.  Not to be critical but there are some Twitter fanatics that have a lot in common with the dodo bird, here’s why….


Sep 2013

Vegas Bets on Twitter IPO

twitter ipo dice

Yep, Vegas is taking bets related to the Twitter IPO giving us a glimpse at the odds of when the Twitter IPO will happen like what the Twitter stock symbol will be, where Twitter will list, and even an under/over on the Twitter IPO price.

Check out the surprising odds as of Sept 24th: (more…)

Sep 2013

Twitter Stock At GiveAshare? You Betcha!

twitter ipo stock


Hot news, it’s official – Twitter is filing for their IPO.  They made the announcement a few hours ago –  by tweet of course.

Some have asked if GiveAshare.com will add Twitter stock to our stock list when they go public……….ARE YOU SERIOUS????????????


Up ’til now, there has been all sorts of speculation that the IPO will be sometime in 2014 but the company has been very quiet.  Today’s move has some thinking it could be very soon.  Here are two ways to keep informed:

  1. Sign up to get updates or get more Twitter IPO info at giveashare.com.
  2. Follow us on Twitter @giveashare


Much more to come.


Sep 2013

Uh Oh – European Union Eliminating All Stock Certificates

Take note – A sign of things to come.

According to The Independent, a UK newspaper, the European Union has introduced an initiative that will stop the issuance of all stock certificates by 2015 and wipe out existing ones by 2020.  See the full article here.

It’s just a matter of time before this happens in the U.S.  (more…)

Jul 2013

Steinway Stock Certificates Tuning Out Forever


Looks like the collectible value of Steinway stock certificates is about to get a boost as the company expects to go private sometime in Q3. (more…)

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