Why A Share of Stock is a Great Gift Idea:

You can bet that this gift will make an impression because of the unique qualities noted below. Wow them with this unique gift!

The recipient's name appears on the front of the certificate and the engraved plaque allows you to truly personalize this gift with words that give it lasting meaning.

This gift lives beyond the initial event because the recipient participates as a shareholder by receiving quarterly and annual reports, declared dividends, voting, getting any shareholder perks and hopefully, price appreciation.

The perfect gift to teach kids and grown-ups about investing and the stock market. Add our I'm A Shareholder book and you have the perfect formula for teaching kids about stock.

Stock certificates are ornate works of art with intricate raised printed images that come to life as symbols of American business.

There is a story behind every stock certificate. Events and personalities can change overnight to contribute to the collectible value of a stock. Enron is a perfect example - as the stock tumbled on the NYSE, it soared on eBay as collectors wanted certificates with Kenneth Lay's printed signature. The same is true for Martha Stewart and many others. Collecting old stocks and bonds even has a name - Scripophily - and it is soaring in popularity.