Privacy Policy

At, your privacy and security is very important to us and we take it very seriously. 

Credit Card Information
We use secured servers to protect your personal and credit card information. Beginning with the page that you provide certificate registration information on, you are moved into a secure environment as evidenced by either a solid key, closed lock, or "https" depending on the browser you are using. These servers are protected and encrypt your information using 128 bit SSL technology.  Our website identity is provided by The USERTRUST Network which can be confirmed by clicking on your browser's lock.  As proof that we are committed to security, we use PayPal PayflowPro as our payment gateway.

Other Information
We have strict internal policies regarding the use of customer information.  We collect personal information that is necessary to process and fulfill orders.  We collect your contact information to ensure that we can communicate as necessary throughout the delivery process. We also collect personal information that is required by the transfer agent to legally register the stock.  In some cases, this includes SSNO which is used solely for the purpose of registering the stock and then is deleted/destroyed.  All information is handled by a limited number of trained employees to process the order. We do track website traffic patterns for the purposes of improving our website.  In addition, people may sign up for our newsletter by providing their email address.  Our newsletters are generally sent out quarterly to those who have provided their email address.  The newsletters provide new product information and discount offers and have an easy opt-out feature.  Customer contact information may be provided to third parties if they meet strict standards.  If you have any questions or need any clarifications, please contact us.