Return/Refund Policy

We are very interested in making sure that our customers are satisfied. We pledge to provide you with innovative products with exceptional quality and value and with customer service that exceeds your needs. Part of what makes this an exciting product is that it is REAL stock that must be legally registered with a transfer agent and the engraved plaque is PERSONALIZED with your words. While this adds to the uniqueness of the product it also imposes some of the responsibility for a quality product on you, the purchaser.

Help us ensure that you get what you want by doing the following:
  • Carefully enter your order with correct names, spelling, & punctuation
  • Thoroughly review your order confirmation and correct as necessary. If you find something later contact us (see below).
  • Once you receive shipment, inspect your product and communicate any issues immediately but no later than 1 week from receipt.

Note that refund and cancellation terms apply to the purchaser and not the recipient of a gift.

Your credit card is charged when you place your order. When you enter your order you have three opportunities to verify your entries 1) an on-line confirmation; 2) an email confirmation and 3) an online order status

Our refund policy is designed to refund you as much as possible but considers any costs we have incurred which is dependent on what you buy and when you change or cancel your order.  Below is the approximate timing of when we incur costs.  We will make this calculation at the time of the change/cancellation and will not charge you if we have not incurred the cost.

Plaque Engraving
Once your plaque is engraved (can be started as early as 1 business day) we cannot refund the plaque price and we will have to charge for changes.
Stock Registration
Once we procure the stock and/or start the legal stock registration process (can be started as early as 1 business day), it cannot be stopped so we cannot refund the stock portion (including giftize fee) of your order.  You cannot change the registration after it has been started but the new shareholder can have it changed after the certificate is received.  This is because the transfer agent will only recognize direction from the new shareholder.   We can provide help on how to do this.
Once we ship your product (timing of shipment depends on what is ordered - Non-stock and 2 Part Delivery orders can be shipped as early as same-day while Normal stock orders can take 3-7 weeks), we cannot provide a refund.  It is possible to get a partial refund for items returned to us IF returned (at your cost) in new condition and salvageable (note that acrylic, plaque, stock, and mats are not salvageable). will replace the following at no charge as long as we are notified within 1 week of receipt, call toll-free 1-866-291-9918 or email for instructions:
  • Frames damaged in shipping or with a manufacturing defect.
  • Certificates and plaques damaged in shipping or with an error caused by  (Note that the name, address and personal message cannot be different than on original order).