The End of Harley-Davidson Stock

The End of Harley-Davidson Stock

HDI-101-logoThis could be the end to Harley-Davidson stock certificates – get one while you still can! is reporting that Harley’s stock price is going up today amid speculation that a private equity firm wants to buy it.  See the article.

We knew that Harley-Davidson stock certificates would go away at some point as the whole industry moves to eliminate paper stock certificates and instead, register ownership electronically but, we didn’t expect it to happen this soon.  Not only would this make that happen soon, it would also mean that everyday people couldn’t even buy and own Harley at all because it would no longer be a publicly traded company.

So sad.  We have our fingers crossed that this does not happen.

Get one while you still can:  Buy one share of Harley-Davidson stock.

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