Terms and Conditions between GiveAshare.com and Buyer

Please read the Terms & Conditions below and if you have any questions or need any clarifications, contact us before placing your order.  GiveAshare.com is owned by Leading Edge Gifts LLC.  Placing an order on the GiveAshare.com website constitutes your agreement to all such terms & conditions.



These options impact what is received, and when it is received (note that IPO's, custom stocks, and special situations may take a little longer):

If you want to keep your gift a surprise, select "2 Part Delivery" as your Shipping Option AND enter your Surprise Date.   Here is what happens:

  • Normal Delivery - Usually ships in 3-7 weeks because of the stock registration process.
  • 2 Part Delivery - Select one of our 2 Part Delivery or 2 Part Delivery - Electronic if you want a tangible gift sooner.  Your entire order is shipped out within 2 business days except with a realistic color copy of the company's certificate as a placeholder.



It is possible for the company whose stock you are buying to send mail (dividends, annual reports, W9 etc.) to the recipient before you have given the gift.  This can happen as early as 1 1/2 weeks from your order date. In order to keep your gift a surprise, you must select "2 Part Delivery" as your shipping option AND enter your surprise gift date during checkout and we will take care of the rest. For more information click here.



GiveAshare provides an innovative gift by allowing customers to easily and affordably buy a real share of stock as a gift. Although this is real stock, we do not market our product as an investment nor do we in any way provide investment advice. GiveAshare is not a broker-dealer but complies with the criteria established by the Securities and Exchange Commission including selling in only one-share increments, selling only framed stock, marketing as a gift an not as an investment, and selling at no less than two times the trading price of the stock.  



See Cancellation/Return Policy...



See Important Shipping Information.



We reserve the right to not process orders from countries with high incidents of credit card fraud or shipping loss.

Some countries may charge additional taxes and custom duties/fees upon delivery which are not included in the price.




In the unlikely event that the company you buy makes a decision to stop issuing physical certificates after your order is placed, GiveAshare will frame a realistic copy of the company's last paper certificate design with the shareholder's name. This will look like the real thing, is personalized, and will reference the fact that the ownership is held electronically.


The real proof of electronic ownership will be evidenced by a statement and account number sent directly to the shareholder by the transfer agent. Electronic ownership is no different than having a physical certificate and the shareholder is entitled to all the same benefits.



See Shipping Information.



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