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How to Buy Snapchat Stock (Snap Inc. IPO)

The Snapchat IPO was March 2, 2017 and everyone is asking "how to buy Snapchat stock?" so we'll tell you here. 


  • Snapchat changed its company name to Snap Inc. in anticipation of broadening it's product offerings beyond Snapchat.
  • Ticker: SNAP
  • Exchange: NYSE.
  • Snap Inc. IPO March 2, 2017


How to Buy Snapchat Stock - Option 1- GiveAshare.com:

Recommended where you want a quick and easy way to buy Snapchat stock primarily as a unique keepsake or gift particularly if you are trying to teach kids or young adults about the stock market.  
  1. Go to the Buy Snapchat Stock page on GiveAshare.com
  2. It takes about 2 minutes to make your selections and pay with a credit card. 
  3. If Snap Inc. issues paper stock certificates, you will get the authentic stock certficate (a great collectible).
  4. Your ownership is directly registered on Snap Inc. shareholder list (maintained by their Transfer Agent).


How to Buy Snapchat Stock - Option 2 - Stock Broker:

Best suited where the primary purpose of buying Snapchat stock is as an investment and/or you are buying more than one or two shares for the same person. 
  1. Open an account with a stock broker like Scottrade, eTrade, or Schwab
  2. It will take a little time to fill out the form and then you will have to put money into the account before you can place an order (this can take several days).
  3. Place a buy order for Snapchat stock.
  4. Your ownership is held in "street name" at the broker.
  5. Stock brokers cannot economically provide the authentic paper stock certificate (if Snap Inc. decided to go with paper) because they are required to pass along the $500+ fee that is intended to discourage paper (and it does :))