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Financial Literacy for Kids

Council For Economic Education,
The Jumpstart Coalition, & Others

At GiveAshare, we think it the financial literacy of our kids is critical - the past financial crisis just underscores this point. While based in Oregon, we were active members of Oregon's Jumpstart Coalition. In addition, we recently attended the CEE Annual Conference to get a better understanding of what’s happening out there, what educators need, and to get feedback on our products.

We were delighted to talk to so many like-minded people totally dedicated to teaching kids about money. The feedback on our products was very positive.

We also encourage you to make these tools available to your students and their parents.

For Financial Literacy Educators

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Tools To Help YOU Teach Financial Literacy!

Innovative Products

True single share ownership

I’m A Shareholder KIT

Stock certificate replicas

& more...

Add a Dose of Reality to Lessons

  • Buy a share for the class to own as a whole.
  • Use the Shareholder KIT as teacher/teaching resource.
  • A compelling prize/award - Framed stock with engraved plaque or Shareholder KIT.
  • Fundraising: Raffle shares and/or KITs.
  • Fundraising: Take advantage of wholesale pricing to raise funds to promote financial literacy.
  • Help parents reinforce the learning at home - give them the opportunity buy a share or KIT for their child.
  • Supplement the Stock Market Game with copies
    of real stock certificates.
  • Help us help you - we welcome your
    thoughts - call us.
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Other Financial Literacy Resources

Financial Literacy Handbook