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Pay Using Wise (formally Transferwise)

For some countries we only accept payment made by 1) Wire or 2) Wise (formerly Transferwise).  Wise has these benefits:

  • Can be easier and cheaper.
  • Payment can be funded with a debit card, credit card, or your bank account.

Step 1:   Set Up Wise Account:

  • Use this Wise link for discounted transfer (note: Leslie M. is our owner)
  • It takes just 2 minutes enter account setup info.
  • Upload info to verify your identity (usually some form of photo ID). More....
  • It usually takes Transferwise 2 business days to approve your account.

Step 2: Send Payment

  • Once approved, log on to send your transfer. See Steps and screenprints below:

a) Fund your payment with any currency but make sure we receive $USD

transferwise screenshot showing payment, currency, and claim free transfer button

b) Choose Business

c) Fill out form as shown below:

Fill form as follows:

  • Email = orders@giveashare.com
  • Name of business = Leading Edge Gifts
  • Recipient Address = Gilbert, Arizona 85298 USA
  • Check box that says you know bank details
  • Routing number = 122100024
  • Account number = 535221219
  • Account type = Checking


d) Review, confirm, and continue