What is 2 Part Delivery?

It's a great way to get a tangible gift FAST!

First, we quickly ship a color copy of the stock certificate framed per your order.  This leaves our Arizona facility in 2 business days or less.  Combine it with expedited shipping options from UPS to get it there even faster!

Then, when the stock registration process is complete, the shareholder receives the real registered stock certificate if their company issues paper (all companies except those shown below) otherwise they receive a statement (example) directly from their company that proves they are a shareholder. 

See how it works:      For almost all stocks     |   For Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Gamestop, BofA, SeaWorld, Twitter & Disney 

"I always wait 'til the last minute to buy a gift. I had to have something tangible to give at the party - a note wouldn't do. Your 2 Part Delivery saved my bacon. It looks real and was just like giving the real thing." Jonathan from NY

How 2 Part Delivery Works For Most Stocks (EXCEPT Facebook, Apple, Seaworld, GameStop, BofA, Microsoft, Twitter & Disney)

All but a few of the companies we offer issue paper stock certificates so 2 Part Delivery works like this:
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How 2 Part Delivery Electronic Works (Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, SeaWorld, BofA, GameStop, Twitter, Disney Only)

These companies do not issue registered paper stock certificates so we handle 2 Part Delivery as follows:
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