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Yahoo Finance

How to give stock as a holiday gift
Dec 18, 2023

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Reddit Finance

The Perfect Christmas Gift...
Dec 14, 2023

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Fox Business

How to give the gift of stocks this Christmas!
Dec 10, 2023


WBBM News Radio - Chicago

Here's a stocking-stuffer idea: Stocks!
Dec 8, 2023

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Business Insider

Give the gift of stocks in 2023
Dec 5, 2023

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Great Financial Gifts for Kids for the Holidays
Oct 27, 2023

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Greatest Gift

Monetary Gift Etiquette
Nov 18, 2023

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Can I Give Stock as a Gift?
Oct 27, 2023

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How to Give Stocks as a Holiday Gift
Oct 27, 2023



Movie: Dumb Money - Hollywood the Storyteller
Oct 25, 2023

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Yahoo Finance

6 ways to give money as a gift
Mar 8, 2023

My Bank Tracker

My Bank Tracker

8 Financial Gift Ideas for Valentines Day
Feb 17, 2023

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Business Insider

Giving stocks as gifts has benefits for both the giver and receiver. Here's what you need to know about it
Dec 8, 2022

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9 Great Last-Minute Gifts for Teaching Kids About Money
Dec 2021

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6 Ways to Give Stock as a Gift
Dec 7, 2021

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9 Great Last-Minute Gifts for Teaching Kids About Money
Dec 2021

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Financial Content

How to Give the Gift of Stocks This Holiday Season
Dec 1, 2021

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MyBank Tracker

4 Alternative College Graduation Financial Gifts Every 20-Something Needs
Nov. 29, 2021

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Holy Moly We Did It! Disney was #1 stock on GiveAshare since 2002 - Gamestop on Top Now
Nov. 22, 2021

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MSN Money

10 Thoughtful Gifts That Keep on Giving
Nov. 22, 2021



How You Can Gift Someone Stocks The Holiday Season
Nov. 16, 2021

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Stocks as a Holiday Gift - How Is It Possible?
Nov. 14, 2021

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Can You Give Stock as a Gift?
Oct 8, 2021

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How to Give Stocks as a Holiday Gift
Oct 7, 2021

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5 Ways to Buy Stocks For The Girls In Your Life
Oct 7, 2021

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9 Great Last-Minute Gifts for Teaching Kids About Money
Dec 24, 2020

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Money Under 30

How To Buy Stocks As Gifts (And Why They're The Perfect Present)
Dec 22 2020

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5 Financial Gifts That Will Teach Kids and Young Adults About Money
Dec 21 2020

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Tribune: Kids and Money

Kids and Money: Ways to get kids started in stocks
Dec 18 2020

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Palm Beach Research Group

Stocks Can Be A Great Holiday Gift
Dec 18, 2020

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Financial Gifts for Loved Ones
Dec 10, 2020

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Digital Wealth News

Is Fintech's Future Investing with 13 Year Olds
Dec 7 2020

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WBBM NewsRadio

Give A Share for Christmas - Audio
Nov 28, 2020

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Can I Give Stock as a Gift
Nov 20, 2020

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Understanding How to Gift Stocks
Oct 30, 2020

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La Nacion

Savings and investment. The unusual gift for children that grows up in America
July 20, 2020

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George Floyd’s daughter is Disney’s latest shareholder — another child shareholder says the stock helped change her life
June 20, 2020

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Looking for That Perfect Holiday Gift? Try an Actual Stock Certificate
December 16, 2019

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Educators Credit Union

Teaching Children About Savings
November 21, 2019

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6 ways to give money as a gift
November 18, 2019

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How To Give A Stock For Christmas
November 7, 2019

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Money Prodigy

Investment Books for Kids
October 23, 2019

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Multiply My Money

How to Invest $100
October 15, 2019

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Black Wallet - Financial Literacy for Urban Millennials

Reasons Why Russell Wilson Is The DOPEST For Buying His Teammates $12k In Amazon Stock
October 2, 2019

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CNN Business

An NFL star gave his teammates Amazon stock. There's a better gift
April 25, 2019

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10 Awesome Financial Gifts That Teach Kids About Money
April 9, 2019

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Monterey Herald

Financial planning: Giving stocks
December 5, 2018

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The Motley Fool

Holiday Gift Ideas From a Financial Pro This holiday season, give more than toys and video games -- give money lessons that last a lifetime
December 1, 2018

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Stock Shares: How to Give the Gift That Really Keeps on Giving
November 2018

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US News & World ReportMoneyTalksNews

Give the Gift of Stocks This Holiday Season
December 14, 2017

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Consumer Reports

A Gift For Kids That Pays Dividends
December 2017 (hard copy edition)

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3 Ways to Give Stock Shares As a Gift
December 6, 2017

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Podcast: HERMoney with Jean Chatzky

Doing Well While Doing Good
December 5, 2017

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AARP Magazine

Teach Your Children Well - Give Stock
September, 2017

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Want to Teach your kid about stocks? This 3 apps can help
July 25, 2017

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Personal Finance: Kansas City Star

Stock Pics Worth Framing
March 31, 2017

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NBC News

It's Not Cool — But This Might Be the Best Gift for Your Kids
December 2016

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Grow the Heck Up

Give Your Child a Share of Stock for Christmas
December 2016

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Time Magazine For Kids

Taking Stock
November 2016

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Consumer Reports

A Gift For Kids That Pays Dividends
December 2016 (hard copy edition)

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Black Enterprise - Wealth for Life

Investment Gifts for Kids
December 18, 2015

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USA Today

How to Give the Gift of Stock
December 3, 2015


WTOP - Washington DC News

Stocks Versus Socks for the Holidays
November 24, 2015

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Uncommon Wisdom Daily

Forget Black Friday deals, and look here instead…
November 10, 2015

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How to give kids investments
November 10, 2015

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24 ORE (Italian)

Macché giocattoli, negli Usa ora ai bimbi si regalano azioni di Borsa. Ecco come (e chi ci guadagna)
October 15, 2015

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CBS Marketwatch

Why you should give your kids stocks instead of toys
October 14, 2015

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The Today Show

Stock or Stuff
June 9, 2014

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Kiplinger's Money Power

Money-smart kids: Teaching Kids About Investing
December 23, 2013

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The Today Show

Stock or Stuff
November 14, 2013

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SF Business Times

Will Twitter fly against trend by issuing paper stock certificates?
November 12, 2013

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USA Today

Disney stops issuing paper stock certificates
October 9, 2013

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Disney Stops Issuing Paper Stock in Blow to Collectors
October 9, 2013

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SF Business Times

Disney axes stock certificates, perhaps seeing them as too Mickey Mouse
October 9, 2013

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East Valley Tribune

Gilbert couple's brings collectible stock shares to online gift-giving scene
May 15, 2013

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Long Island Press

Gifts for 2012 Graduates of All Ages
May 30,2012

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Facebook Scraps Its Paper Stock Certificate
May 22,2012



A New Facebook Derivative Trade: the Stock Certificate
May 16,2012

CNN Money Logo

Although we are not mentioned in the video, guess whose framed share of facebook stock is shown in the video? You're right, GiveAshare! Just gives you a flavor why people come to


Our journey buying into Facebook's IPO
May 18,2012

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CBS News

Want to Buy One hare of Facebook? Here's How.
May 15,2012

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CNN Money

How To Buy 1 Share of Facebook Stock
May 14, 2012

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Arizona Republic

Get Your Facebook Stock Certificate
May 12, 2012

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Yahoo Finance

GiveAshare to Offer Facebook Stock
for the 99 Percenters
May 2012

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MSN Money

Stocks for newborns: Baby's fortune starts now
May 2012

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The Globe and Mail

Stuck for Gift Ideas? Try An Apple.
December 2011 Logo - Entrepreneurs

Customized Gifts Elevate Mom-and-Pop Business to Top of Niche
June 2011

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Own the Dollar

Review of GiveAshare's I'm a Shareholder Kit for Kids
February 2011

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National Public Radio (NPR)

GiveAshare & Scripophily Announce Partnership to Offer World's Largest Inventory of Stock Certificates
December 2010

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GiveAshare Named
Top Educational Gift -All Ages
December 2010

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Alternative Gift Giving Guide - 2010
December 2010

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Smart Money

Give the Gift of Stock This Holiday Season
November 2010

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Give the Gift of Stocks This Holiday Season Gifts for Young Investors
July 2010

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JumpStart Coalition

Listing of Resources to Help Improve Financial Literacy
December 2009

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The Ultimate Guide to Great Gift Idea

by Jamie Shaffer
All of Leading Edge Gifts products made it!
Available at
December 2009

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Holiday Gift Guide Review
GiveAshare, I'm A Shareholder, GiveAcaricature
December 2009

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Holidash Personalized Gifts for Christmas

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Red Plum's Best 30 Holiday Gifts Under $30
30 Gifts Our Editors Adore
I'm A Shareholder KIT + Gift Certificate
November 2009

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The Arizona Republic

Gifts to Help Dad Clean Up, Ride On
June 2009

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The Gift Therapist

Priceless Gifts Keep on Giving
April 2009

Baltimore's Child

2008 Gift Guide - Older Kids, Teens and Adults

Are You Looking for Something New or Unique?
December 2008

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December 2008
"Three gift ideas for your favorite investor" and "How to Give Children Financial Independence"
by Nilus Mattive

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St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Gifts This Season? Practical is the Way to Go"
November 22, 2008

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Contemporary Bride

Gifts for the Guys In Your Wedding Party
July 2008

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Richmond Times-Dispatch

"Stock-purchasing business lets you to buy just 1 share"
February 1, 2008

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December 11, 2006:
Give the Gift of Retirement"
by Robert Brokamp

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December 2006 pg 48:
The Ultimate Gift Guide
by Donna Sweeny

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The Arizona Republic

Gifts to Help Dad Clean Up, Ride On
June 2009

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December 7, 2006:
Great Gifts for the Stock Picker
by Alex Halperin

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January 2006
Small Wonder
by Steve Rosen

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December 2004 Issue:
"2004 Gift Guide Good Gift Sense"
See us on page 183

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May 2005
"Become Share Aware"
by Steve Rosen

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"Say it Uniquely"

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"Gifts That Don't Suck"

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December 2004
See the review of

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9/24/2008 - and Good Choices Inc. Announce Collaboration to Improve Kid's Financial Literacy

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