Stock Certificates

A stock certificate is more than just a piece of paper that proves ownership in a company. It can be an attractive work of art and a snapshot of history.  It's also an important part of a stock gift that grabs attention and can be proudly displayed. 


Collectible Value

To save money, the securities industry is moving to register ownership electronically rather than issue paper stock certificates. Along with normal corporate actions like mergers, this effort is making physical stock certificates increasingly rare raising collectible value (see below). For example, a Pixar certificate with Steve Jobs printed signature sells for more than $500 on collectible sites (see right).

Only At GiveAshare

Stock brokers stopped providing stock certificates (or imposed huge fees) years ago. Now, GiveAshare is the only place to easily and affordably get authentic paper stock certificates.  For the companies that only register ownership electronically, we have attractive replicas that we personalize. 

See companies on our list that still offer registered stock certificates.

Latest Certificates To Bite the Dust

Manchester United logo

Manchester United

Went paperless in Nov 2021

You can still buy MANU stock

Tiffany Logo


Acquired by LVMH in Jan 2021

You can still buy LVMH stock

Dunkin Donuts Logo

Dunkin Brands

Acquired by Inspire Brands Dec 2020

Craft Brew Logo

Craft Brew

Acquired by Anheuser-Busch Sep 2020

WebMD Logo


Taken private Sep 2017

Under Armour Logo

Under Armour

Went paperless 2017

You can still buy Under Armour stock

General Electric Logo

General Electric

Went paperless Nov 2016

You can still buy GE stock

DreamWorks Animation Logo


Went private in 2015

Petsmart Logo

DreamWorks Animation

Acquired by Comcast in 2016

You can still buy Comcast (Dreamworks) stock

Orbital Logo

Orbital Sciences

Merged with ATK in 2015

Google Logo


Went paperless in 2014

You can still buy Google/Alphabet stock

1-800-Flowers Logo


Went paperless in 2014

Disney Logo


Went paperless in 2013

You can still buy Disney stock

Dell Logo


Went private in 2013 then came back paperless later

GameStop Logo


Went paperless 2013, then paper in 2020, then paperless again in 2020

You can still buy Gamestop stock

Bank of America Logo

Bank of America

Went paperless in 2013

You can still buy Bank of America stock

SeaWorld Logo


Issued about 10 certs after IPO then went paperless. Go figure?

You can still buy SeaWorld stock

Steinway Logo


Taken private in 2013

Facebook Logo


Decision at time of IPO (May 2012) to be paperless

You can still buy Meta stock

Human Genome Sciences Logo

Human Genome Sciences

Acquired by Glaxo in 2012

Microsoft Logo

Microsoft Inc.

Went paperless in 2012

You can still buy Microsoft stock

Playboy Logo

Playboy Enterprises

Hefner took the company private in March 2011

You can still buy Playboy collectible stock

General Motor New Logo

General Motor New

Emerged from bankruptcy - paperless 2010

Motorola Logo


Split into two companies, both paperless in 2012

Apple Logo


Apple went paperless 2010. Congratulations to all our past customers who got a real one!

You can still buy Apple stock

Burger King Logo

Burger King

Went private in 2010

Palm Logo

Palm Inc.

Acquired by HP in 2010

World Poker Tour

World Poker Tour

Assets acquired by PartyGaming in 2009

Marvel Logo


Acquired by Disney in 2009

Wyeth Logo


Acquired by Pfizer in 2009

General Motors Logo

General Motors

Bankrupt - no longer public

You can still buy an authentic GM collectible

Visa Logo

Visa Intl Inc.

Went paperless in 2009

Wrigley Logo

Wm Wrigley Company

Acquired by Mars Inc., a private company

Merrill Lynch Logo

Merrill Lynch

Acquired by Bank of America in 2008

Anheuser-Busch Logo


Acquired by InBev of Belgium in 2008

You can still buy Anheuser-Busch/InBev stock

ImClone Systems Logo

ImClone Systems

Acquired by Eli Lilly in 2008


Pixar Animation

Acquired by Disney in 2007.  These collectible certificates sell for over $500 on collectible sites!

Intel Logo


One of the first to go paperless

You can still buy Intel stock

Elimination of Paper Stock Certificates - Chronology

stock certificates extinctLike everything else, stock ownership is going digital! The securities industry calls it "dematerialization" - we call it sad.  Brokers no longer provide stock certificates (or charge a huge disincentive fee) and a growing list of companies like Disney have stopped issuing paper. The industry-wide effort started over 30 years ago but momentum is building:

calendar outline

2021 Industry working group to make the final push toward dematerialization

calendar outline

2020 - DTC white paper calls for elimination for all stocks certificates within a couple of years after Covid stresses the system.  Industry-wide work group established to make it happen.

calendar outline

2018-19 - The pace of companies eliminating paper certificates quickens.

calendar outline

2015 - Computershare, the largest transfer agent in the U.S., announces it will charge a $25 disincentive fee to issue paper stock certificates.

calendar outline

2014 - DTCC Proposes Elimination of All Paper Stock Certificates

calendar outline

2009-12 - The Depository Trust Company (DTC) starts charging stock brokers a $500 fee to issue stock certificates to customers.  Brokers pass on the $500  fee to customers.

calendar outline

2008 - 1/1/2008 was the target date established for all companies on the NASDAQ and NYSE to be set up on the DRS.  Although the target gets moved out, most companies comply.

calendar outline

2007 - As of 1/1/2007, any new issue on NASDAQ or NYSE had to be eligible for electronic registration on the Direct Registration System (DRS).

calendar outline

1970's - Brokerage firms took the first step to streamline paperwork by establishing a central depository, the Depository Trust Company (DTC) where all stock certificates could be maintained.

calendar outline

2006 - Delaware, the state where many companies are incorporated, changed its state law removing the requirement for physical stock certificates. This got the ball rolling.

calendar outline

1960's - Financial district messengers carried satchels of stock certificates from one broker to another. During peak periods, the stock market would be closed one day a week to allow brokerage firms to catch up on paperwork.

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