Stock Brokers - Whopper Fees To Deliver Paper Stock Certificates

Stock brokers use the Depository Trust Company (DTC) to deliver paper stock certificates to customers. In 2009, the DTC started charging a whopping $500 for this service. Why? To discourage people from asking for a certificate. Since then, almost every broker stopped delivering physical stock certificates.

Good news! GiveAshare works directly with transfer agents so we can still get registered stock certificates without the crazy fee for companies that still issue paper. Better get a paper stock certificate while you still can.


Screenshot of BizJournals article titled Charles Schwab: Want stock certificate? That'll be $500


screenshot of Etrade webpage showing $500 per stock certificate

TD Ameritrade

screenshot of TD Ameritrade webpage showing $500 for certificate withdrawal


screenshot of Schwab website showing $500 fee per physical certificate



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