Gift Announcements

Last-Minute Gift Magic!

Oops! Did time sneak up on you again? Fear not! We're here to rescue your gifting reputation with our nifty Gift Announcement feature.

Easy-Peasy Access on Your Order History Page

Take a deep breath – crisis averted! Once your order is in, jump over to your order history page. There, you can print or shoot off an email with the grace of a gifting ninja. It's like magic, but with less smoke and mirrors.

Personal Touch: Spice It Up with Your Words

Why settle for ordinary when you can add a dash of your personality? Craft a personalized message that says, "I totally didn't almost forget!" 

Sneak Peek: Preview the Stock Certificate

Your gift announcement isn't just a paper trail; it's a glimpse into the future – their company's stock certificate! 

So don't let procrastination steal your gifting thunder. Take advantage of last-minute miracles with our Gift Announcements – because epic surprises should never wait! 


sample gift announcement showing Disney stock gift