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Hef’s Offer Makes Playboy Stock Certificates A HOT Collectible

Demand for Playboy stock certificates has sky-rocketed ever since Hugh Hefner's bid to take the company private. The stock certificate bearing Hef's printed signature and iconic bunny logo will vanish forever when the deal closes in Q1.

By: GiveAshare LLC

Jan. 31, 2011 - PRLog -- On January 10, 2011 Playboy’s Board accepted Hefner’s offer to take the company private in a deal that is expected to close some time in the first quarter.  People have realized that once the deal closes, Playboy will stop issuing stock certificates, raising their collectible value.

Playboy’s ornate stock certificate has always garnered interest from investors and collectors with its iconic bunny logo and Hefner’s printed signature.  The looming cut off of supply has spurred many to action.

At, a company that sells true one share ownership in over 100 companies including Playboy, has seen “a huge uptick in demand as people try to get a share registered in their name before it’s too late”, according to Rick Roman, founder of

While the company's shares trade on the NYSE for $6, their stock certificates list on ebay for $100.  Roman has seen this happen before with other high profile favorites like Pixar (merged with Disney) and Enron (bankruptcy).  Both stocks had frenzied demand in their waning days and their collectible value continues to increase.

Another factor fueling demand is the shrinking universe of stock certificates because of mergers, bankruptcies, and most importantly, an industry-wide movement toward electronic registration.  Stock brokers cannot provide paper stock certificates for most stocks and charge huge disincentive fees of $100-$500 for those that they can.  

"We are in a sweet spot because we are the only ones who can provide a Playboy stock certificate that is registered in their name - brokers can't deliver paper", says Roman.

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"Playboy, has seen “a huge uptick in demand as people try to get a share registered in their name before it’s too late."