Gilbert, AZ January 7, 2022

After years of a stock split drought, the three behemoths:  Amazon, Alphabet, and Tesla announced stock splits in 2022.  Amazon stock split 20 for 1, Alphabet split 20 for 1, and Tesla split 3 for 1 making shares much cheaper for those wanting to buy a unique Christmas gift.

Rick Roman, founder of said, "Amazon, Alphabet, & Tesla shares were very popular this Christmas due to the lower post-split prices.  They were more popular this Christmas than when they had their IPOs, which is surprising".

Stock splits used to be quite common but then company CEO's started taking the Warren Buffett approach of just letting their stocks ride.  But, this makes the stock price too expensive for smaller investors.  Before the splits, the prices were in the $1000-$2000 range, hardly affordable for retail investors and certainly not for stock gift buyers.  What better gift to give to a younger person than true ownership of a trillion dollar company with a bright future.


GiveAshare specializes in selling real, one share ownership in over 150 of the world's most beloved companies. The stock is legally registered in the recipient's name entitling them to declared dividends, annual reports, and any other shareholder perks. In addition, the stock certificate is custom framed for an awesome keepsake.


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"They were more popular this Christmas than when they had their IPOs, which is surprising."