About Us

GiveAshare.com is one of five innovative gifts offered by Leading Edge Gifts LLC, a privately owned company located in Gilbert, Arizona. Our company was founded in 2002 but was conceived over 25 years ago by us, Rick and Leslie Roman.  Our finance backgrounds and Rick's fascination (some would say obsession)  with the stock market led us to give stock gifts to many friends and family - the response was phenomenal! 

Giving one share of stock as a gift has historically been a big hassle and expensive too.  A long time ago, before discount brokers, commissions were high.  Nowadays commissions are very low but brokers pass along a huge disincentive fee to deliver a paper stock certificate (if they can deliver them at all)!

We are specialists in single share stock gifts and are well known for GIFTizing stock ownership.  We fill a void in the marketplace by making it extremely easy and affordable to give stock as a gift - it takes just 2 minutes.  Stock brokers do not want this kind of business and refer their clients to us.  See how we're better than a broker.

We provide a high quality product and have built a company that prides itself on satisfying our customers while being in full compliance with requirements established by the SEC. This philosophy has led to significant growth, much of which comes from referrals from existing customers. These are not just words at GiveAshare.com, just call or email us and you will see.

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Rick & Leslie
by Leading Edge Gifts LLC