Custom Stock Order

Want a stock that's not on our list? Don't fret, we may be able to get it for you!  In many cases, we can get stocks that are listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ. Orders are subject to review for availability.

  • Custom orders are only offered in our Premium Frame which includes a custom frame, mat, and personalized engraved plaque.
  • First, we do some research to make sure we can get the stock.  If we can't, we let you know and do not charge your card.  If we can get it, we charge your card for the fee below plus the market price of the stock and send you a confirmation.
  • Delivery is generally in 6 - 9 weeks (instead of normal 3-7 weeks) because of the extra steps.
  • 2 Part Delivery is generally not available because we do not normally have a copy of the certificate.

Print a Gift Note for a custom stock


Custom Stock Certificate in Premium Frame

$145 $125 SALE + MARKET PRICE of stock Order
  1. Press Order button
  2. Choose your options
  3. Your credit card is charged for the amount noted PLUS the current market price of the stock. We will send you an email with the final amount.
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