Custom Frames for Green Bay Packers Stock Certificates

Custom Frames, Mats, Plaques
We have custom frames, mats, and laser-engraved plaques that are made just for Green Bay Packers stock certificates.

Just in time for the first Green Bay Packers shareholders meeting - our new, larger frame with thicker acrylic is now available.  The new frames are almost 13 x 16 inside dim (outside dim is 15 x18 for black/mahog/white and almost 16.5 x 19.5 for  gold/antique silver) (more). 

Our pH neutral, black-core mats help preserve  your stock certificate and are custom cut to fit the 8 x 12 Green Bay Packers stock certificates.  Get our new Packer-colored (green/gold) double mat while supplies last (they are white-core and archival).  

We also offer laser engraved plaques that can be personalized (up to 3 lines of 35 characters each) to commemorate your ownership or convey a gift.  Buy any or all of these for your stock.

Mat Only  $12 white
$24 green/gold double


offset for plaque
Personalized Engraved Plaque $10
Frame & Mat (no Plaque)  $33- $60
(optional green/gold
double mat)
Frame, Mat, Plaque  $43 - $70
(optional green/gold
double mat)

Double Mat - Packer Colors - Archival
(hover for close up)


Get your Green Bay Packers stock at and get your frame/mat/plaque from us!   Tell your friends at the Green Bay Packers shareholders meeting about us!

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Ornate Gold (white mat)

Ornate Gold (Double Mat Green/Gold)

Black (White mat)

Black  (Double Mat Green/Gold)

Mahogany (White mat)

Mahogany  (Double Mat Green/Gold)

Antique Silver/Gold (White mat)

Antique Silver/Gold  (Double Mat Green/Gold)

White (White mat)

White  (Double Mat Green/Gold)

 Green/Gold Double Mat - Offset Cut for Plaque

Green/Gold Double Mat - Centered Cut

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