Our Product

We specialize in selling real one share ownership in over 100 of the world's most beloved companies. The stock certificate is legally registered in the recipient's name entitling them to declared dividends, annual reports, and any other shareholder perks.  We  give you many ways to "GIFTize" your stock including frames, personalized engraved plaques and other fun items such as the I'm A Shareholder KIT and I Own Disney T-shirts.  For kids, a stock gift has the added benefit of being a powerful teaching tool.


The table below shows how we price our stocks.  The price you see on our website includes all of the costs below and you lock into that price at the time you order.  See our stock list  for the exact price for each stock. 

  Item Description Price Comment  
  • Stock Price Market price of the stock on  NYSE or NASDAQ  Market price (see note 1) Depends on stock
  • PLUS:                GIFTize Fee All fees associated with the purchase and registration of the stock and delivery of the certificate including any adjustments required to meet SEC requirements. $39 for most (see note 2) Price comparison.
  • PLUS:              Framing & Plaque Choose either a cardboard frame or a premium frame with a custom cut mat and personalized engraved plaque (3 lines, 35 char. each) $1 for cardboard            $43-55 for custom w/ plaque Beats custom framing.    See frames.

The price you see on the website is the price you pay.  See our stock list for exact pricing.

1 Our prices are based on the market price of the stock.  We normally update our prices weekly so that at any point in time the market price could be different.  We update more frequently for volatile stocks.

2 Our normal fee is $39 but some things can cause this to be higher:   1) custom orders - where the stock is not on our list of 100+ companies   2) our price includes  a pass thru of transfer agent fees if applicable (zero on most)  Here are some stocks that have transfer agent fees included in our price:   Activision, Carroll Shelby, Coach, iRobot, Smith & Wesson, Disney, Medical Marijuana Inc. Martha Stewart, and CSX and 3) where the price must be higher to comply with the SEC requirements (the SEC requires that our price be 2x the market price of the stock) - this requirement only comes into play on higher priced stocks - More Info..... It can impact cardboard frame orders where the underlying stock price is greater than $45 and premium frame orders where the underlying stock price is over $90.