Proud Partnership With Monetta

Proud Partnership With Monetta

We’re pumped!

We just announced our new partnership with Monetta Financial Services (see the press release), well known for their family of mutual funds.

Their Young Investor Fund (YIF) has a creative twist that caught our eye.  It is a no-load mutual fund designed to get kids involved in the investment process with an innovative portfolio structure and a financial literacy component.

The fund is the brain-child of Robert Bacarella, President, Founder and Director.  We have discovered that he is a very creative guy with a passion for teaching kids about money management.  That is why we mesh so well.

Monetta clients will get some exposure to to see if they want to take advantage of the powerful learning that comes with owning one share of stock or our Shareholder Kit. customers that are interested in taking the next step for their kids will have the Monetta YIF available to consider.

Over time we will go into more detail about some of the things that are available at  Monetta YIF to help kids learn so stay tuned.

In the meantime, let me put in my obligatory disclaimers that we are not a broker, we cannot give investment advice, and this is not an offer or recommendation to invest in the Monetta Young Investor Fund.

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