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About Us

It all started with a stock gift - Topps Chewing Gum Inc.

GiveAshare.com is the #1 stock gift website.

GiveAshare.com is part of Leading Edge Gifts, LLC, a small, family-owned company in Gilbert, Arizona.  Founded in 2002, we have been the trusted source for stock gifts for 16 years!


Our Story:

It's amazing how a seemingly small event can change a kids life. Rick was a teen (many, many years ago) when his mom bought him shares of Topps Chewing Gum Inc. - the perfect attention-getter for a baseball card fanatic!

It ultimately led to a Finance degree, 25 years+ in high-tech corporate finance, and most importantly, it was the genesis of GiveAshare.com.

Back in the early 1990's, our finance backgrounds and Rick's experience as a teen led us to give stock gifts to friends and family - everyone loved itl!  So in 2002 we founded GiveAshare.com.

Giving one share of stock as a gift has always been a big hassle and expensive.  In the old days, before discount brokers, commissions were high.  Nowadays commissions are low but brokers pass along a $500 disincentive fee to provide a paper stock certificate!  We DON'T!

GiveAshare.com fills a void in the marketplace by making it very easy and affordable to give a stock gift - it takes just 1 minute. 

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Rick & Leslie
by Leading Edge Gifts LLC

Meet the Founders

Leslie Roman

Leslie has a business degree with an emphasis in Finance, and worked for over 20 years at Motorola as a Finance Manager before starting GiveAshare.com. 



Rick Roman

Rick has a Finance degree from Arizona State University, a long career in high-tech corporate finance, and is the co-founder of GiveAshare.com.  He is the author of the I'm A Shareholder Kit.