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Ebay Stock

Ebay in Paper Frame - Replica w/ Electronic Registration

Ebay in Paper Frame - Replica w/ Electronic Registration

Price: $91.00
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Ebay Stock

eBay Inc. was founded in 1995 as an internet-based community in which people and businesses are brought together to buy and sell almost anything. eBay Inc operates in two segments, Marketplaces and Payments. The Marketplaces segment provides online commerce platforms that enable buyers and sellers to interact and trade with one another. The Payments segment offers PayPal, a payments platform that enables individuals or businesses with an email address to send and receive online payments.

Ebay in Paper Frame - Replica w/ Electronic Registration

Ebay in Paper Frame - Replica w/ Electronic Registration

Stock Market: Nasdaq

Stock Symbol: EBAY

DRIP Plan: No -

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What you get: 1) True one share ownership, 2) personalized replica certificate for display, 3) DRS statement with account information.opens in a new tab

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"My order is complete and was way faster than all the ‘worst case’ timelines. From paying my fee to having a confirmed Computershare account with 1 share was maybe 3 weeks. Given I’m not CONUS, not even USA at all, I was really impressed. There can always be delays where multiple systems have to work together but I avoided them somehow! Based on my experience I’d definitely recommend Giveashare. Bruce"

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