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Custom Frames for Green Bay Packers Stock Certificates

Custom Frames, Mats, Plaques
We have custom frames and mats just for Green Bay Packers stock certificates. See frame details.

Our pH neutral mats help preserve your stock certificate and are custom cut to fit the 8 x 12 Green Bay Packers stock certificates.

Add a personalized laser engraved plaque (3 lines of 35 characters each) to commemorate your ownership.

Mat Only $12 white
$24 green/gold double


offset for plaque
Personalized Engraved Plaque $10
Frame & Mat (no Plaque) $33-$60
(optional green/gold
double mat)
Frame, Mat, Plaque $43 - $70
(optional green/gold
double mat)


Double Mat - Packer Colors - Archival
(hover for close up)

Get your Green Bay Packers stock at Packers.com and get your frame/mat/plaque from us! Tell your friends at the Green Bay Packers shareholders meeting about us!

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Gold (white mat)

Gold (Double Mat Green/Gold)

Black (White mat)

Black (Double Mat Green/Gold)

Mahogany (White mat)

Mahogany  (Double Mat Green/Gold)

Silver (White mat)

Silver (Double Mat Green/Gold)

White (White mat)

White (Double Mat Green/Gold)

Green/Gold Double Mat - Offset Cut for Plaque

Green/Gold Double Mat - Centered Cut

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