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I'm A Shareholder KIT

Teach Kids About Money & Stocks

I'm A Shareholder grabs kids' attention and keeps them involved. Extremely effective on a standalone basis, it's power as a learning tool is magnified when coupled with true ownership of a fun company.

Each mailing from THEIR company becomes a learning opportunity, whether it's an Annual Report, a dividend check, or an invitation to the Shareholders meeting. I'm A Shareholder guides the reader through the whole experience in a fun and engaging way!  Kit includes I'm A Shareholder book, including "Information About Your Company Checklist", Discount coupon for first share, and mini-share collector card offer.





Teach Kids / Teens About Money

Click on image for Cramer's take on one share of stock for kids.

Warren Buffett receiving and autographing the I'm A Shareholder Kit at the Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Meeting in Omaha, May.  Warren is a huge advocate of improving the kids financial literacy.

Each shareholder of Berkshire Hathaway stock receives up to 4 passes to the Annual Shareholder Extravaganza - a huge event that attracts approximately 40,000 people from around the world for the weekend pack full of events.

nappa honors award seal

"I'm A Shareholder" was named National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) Honors winner

From the author:
"My hope is that this kit, along with the experiences that come with actually owning stock, will provide the same learning that I had as a kid when my parents helped me buy my first stock - Topps Chewing Gum - the perfect choice for an avid baseball card collector and voracious gum-chewer."
Rick Roman

  • For kids, teens, young adults.
  • The ONLY book/kit written to be used with a share of stock- from us or a broker.
  • Includes a coupon for $20 OFF their 1st share of stock. See specials below.

3 Ways to Buy

$14 Order KIT Only Includes a coupon for $20 OFF their 1st share
(Save $4)
Order Buy Stock
+ add KIT
Order a stock and add the KIT as an option.
Still comes with the $20 OFF future shares
$14+ Gift Cert
(Save $10)
Order KIT
+ Gift Certificate
Get the KIT plus a Gift Certificate for their 1st share. $10 OFF Gift Cert (see note1).

1Cannot be combined with other coupons.