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Nintendo & LVMH - Selling

Framed Share of Nintendo

 Framed Share of LVMH


Like all of the stocks on our website, you are getting true single share ownership of Nintendo (NTDOY) or LVMH.(LVMUY).  The recipient receives a beautiful certificate for display purposes and the actual registered stock certificate that proves ownership.  The recipient is entitled to anything that any shareholder gets including declared dividends, annual reports, and voting proxies. 

But, unlike the other stocks on our list, the recipient/shareholder of Nintendo or LVMH may not be able to sell their ownership.  We are researching this and hope to have more clarity but for now, you should assume that it is not sellable when you make your purchase decision.

More details below for those who choose to delve into them.


(as of 11/27/2022)
Normally one would sell their ownership position by either depositing the registered stock certificate or electronically transferring into a stock brokerage account and then selling through them.  Somehow the process of each of those is not working and not clear why.  We suspect they are unfairly getting included in some industry-wide efforts but we are researching and will update you with any findings here.