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Price Comparison

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As of 2009, stock brokers will generally pass along the $500 certificate delivery fee imposed by the DTC.    The fee is part of an industry-wide effort to move away from paper stock certificates  and encourage electronic ownership in order to save money.

For now, GiveAshare.com can still get paper stock certificates because we work directly with transfer agents, but at some point, all companies will stop issuing paper stock certificates. See all the ways that we beat a broker.

Company Commission Certificate
Delivery Fee
Total Fee* Account
Framing &
Schwab (6/2019) $5 $100+$500* $505 Yes No No
Ameritrade (6/2019) $7 $500 $507 Yes No No
Fidelity(6/2019) $5 $100+$500* $505 Yes No No
eTrade(6/2019) $5 $500 $505 Yes No No
GiveAshare Combined $39** No Yes Yes


Company Price
Michaels $62
Aaron Brothers $63
GiveAshare $45

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  • Data is based on brokers published fee schedules and calls/chats with support.
  • *Not clear if Schwab and Fidelity charge $500 DTC on top of their $100 fee.
  • Schwab, Ameritrade, Fidelity, eTrade commissions do not include handling fees, inactivity fees, or maintenance fees if any.
  • eTrade's and Fidelity will not deliver certificates for any security that is DRS eligible..
  • **Our fee is normally $39 but can be higher in certain cases such as 1) custom orders 2) stocks where transfer agent charges an additional fee, and 3) where price adjustment is required to comply with the SEC requirements.  All adjustments and fees are reflected in the price you see on our website so there are no hidden fees.