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Pricing - How We Price

The prices you see on our website are the total price you pay and include ALL costs below (see note*).   See stock list  for exact price for each stock.


  Stock in
Paper Frame
Stock in
Premium Frame
Stock Price Market Price Market Price
GIFTize Fee $39 $39
Our fee to legally register stock. See what brokers charge...
Custom Framing $1 $45
Premium frames include custom mat & personalized engraved plaque.
SUB-TOTAL Stock Price + $40 Stock Price + $84
Possible Adders Possible Adders
Transfer Agent Fees $0 - $25 $0 - $25
Some transfer agents charge a fee to issue registered stock certificates in order to discourage paper. We include this fee in our price for Authentic Registered Certificate orders without any markup. See TA fees...
SEC Price Adj $0 to ? $0 to ?
Generally $0. For some higher priced stocks, the price includes an adjustment to comply with the SEC 2X market price requirement  See why 2X...

*   Pricing applies to all 120+ stocks on our stock list.  See also custom stock pricing... Customs fees & taxes may apply to non-U.S. orders at time of delivery.
** Prices are normally updated for the current market price weekly (may be more often for major market/stock moves).