Cool Savings Bond Alternative

Very much like the old Chinese proverb:

"Give a kid a savings bond and you take care of them for a day. Teach a kid money skills and you take care of them for a lifetime!"


One share of stock can change a kid's life.

Framed Share of Stock

Give them a framed share of stock in a company they love!
girl holding framed disney stock
  • Recipient becomes a real shareholder - one share.
  • Over 140 stocks to choose from like Disney, Nike, Apple
    (See stock list)
  • Kids learn by experiencing ownership.  Each mailing from their company is a learning opportunity.
  • Entitled to declared dividends, annual reports, invites to shareholder mtgs.

Savings Bonds

A good thought but boring because kids can't relate.
boy bored by savings bonds in background
  • Get filed away and forgotten.
  • Don't expect an overwhelming reaction to your gift.