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Historic collectible Blockbuster Video  stock certificate while very limited supply lasts.

When the writing was on the wall, we registered a small number of Blockbuster shares in GiveAshare's name and had them locked in a safe until now.  IMPORTANT: Shares are NOT registered in your name.

Blockbuster's history is an interesting one with many missed opportunites that ultimately led to its demise.  The company was THE video company having 9000 stores and $6B in revenue in 2004 renting movies in VHS and later DVD form.  The company earned as much as $800M a year in late fees that pissed off customers including Reed Hastings, who founded Netflix not long after settling his $40 late fee. 

It was not an easy road for the start-up Netflix either.  Back in the day, before widespread broadband internet, Netflix's business model was to mail DVD's to customers who could keep them as long as they wanted with no late fees - the company was losing a lot of money.  So, three years into it, Hastings pitched selling out to Blockbuster for $50M and was laughed at by the CEO.

Contrary to what many people think, it was Blockbuster that pioneered video streaming but between trying to protect its physical store turf, a debt-heavy balance sheet, and being slow at recognizing the future, it was no longer financially viable and declared bankruptcy in 2010 (the year these certificates were registered).

Did you know there is still one Blockbuster store?  It is in Bend OR and is quite the tourst attraction.

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Because of the Blockbuster bankruptcy in 2010, these shares are no longer traded. We have a limited number of authentic Blockbuster stock certificates registered in our company name - a collectible representing the history that marked the beginning of the end for video rental stores.

Blockbuster Stock Certificate

The Blockbuster Video stock certificate is historically rich. It represents a snapshot of history incorporating the company's name, logo, corporate seal, and printed signatures of corporate officers.


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