A Wild Ride With Facebook Stock

By Rick Roman - 4 Jun 2012 665 0 comment
A Wild Ride With Facebook Stock

May 18, 2012!  Facebook’s IPO date will forever be etched in our memories. 

It was wild day as everyone wanting to be a part of history rushed to our website to buy Facebook stock (UPDATE: Facebook is now called Meta).

We certainly had our surprises. In the midst of our heaviest order flow in our history, we learned that Facebook reversed their decision to issue paper stock certificates and would register shareholders electronically instead.

Then Facebook’s stock price did nothing like what the whole world was expecting – a lesson for everyone whether a stock market guru or just a novice wanting to be a part of something big.

Sure, it would’ve been more fun if the price had sky-rocketed but that’s just the way it goes.

Luckily, those who bought a share of Facebook stock from us ended up with a realistic-looking keepsake that can be proudly displayed and sure to spawn conversations for years to come. The certificate looks like the Facebook stock certificate included in their IPO filing that they intended to use. It’s a beautiful and ornate snapshot of history that has Zuckerberg’s printed signature, the IPO date, and is personalized with the new shareholders name. The document also references the official ownership document that will come from Facebook’s transfer agent that proves they are a shareholder. See how we handle Facebook stock here.

Facebook stock soared to #2 on our stock list, second only to Disney that has held the top spot for over ten years.

We have no idea if Facebook’s stock price will some day be zero or hit the stratosphere like Apple. What we do know is that by owning one share of Facebook stock you are sure to be part of whatever history is written and the ride is sure to be wild regardless of direction.

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