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Beats A Stock Broker

When it comes to buying stock to give as a gift, GiveAshare.com beats the pants off stock brokers.

Hassle Free

Brokers are not set up for stock gifts - we are:

  • Brokers require you to set up an account, then fund it, then wait for the funds to clear before you can place an order.
  • Brokers don't accept credit/debit cards.
  • Brokers don't do custom framing.
  • Brokers don't provide paper stock certificates or charge a huge fee.
  • At GiveAshare there are no accounts - it takes just 1 minute to order using a credit card. Our process is hassle-free!

Exceptional Value

Make sure you understand all the costs before using a stock broker:

  • Commissions can be small but.
  • Brokers charge a $500 fee for delivering a paper stock certificate.
  • Watch for other fees: inactivity, account maintenance, or re-registration...
  • At GiveAshare  the price you see includes all fees - which can't be beat.  See how we price.