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Atlanta Braves Stock

By Rick Roman - 27 Jul 2023 1747 0 comment
Atlanta Braves Stock

The Atlanta Braves are now the only pure play, publicly owned MLB team!  The stock trades on the NASDAQ under the ticker BATRA (The A at the end is the class of stock, preceded by BATR, like "batter", clever).

Anyway, the Braves were previously part of Liberty Media Inc., but now they are a separate company which should make it more fun.  I wonder if any of their star players will be at future annual shareholders meetings?

It's easy to buy Altanta Braves stock nad although the company does not issue registered stock certificates, we provide a replica certificate for proud display in addition to registering the recipient as a real shareholder.

The only other publicly traded MLB team is the Toronto Blue Jays via Rogers Communications.  So you can own part of the Jays by buying Rogers and we offer a replica stock certificate for that too.

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