The Walt Disney

Collectible Shareholder Certificate


Disney Store Collectible

In 2014, Disney introduced a Collectible Shareholder Certificate that could only be purchased by EXISTING Disney shareholders. The certificate depicted Walt Disney standing amongst a plethora of Disney characters old and new.

  • Effective 10/1/21, Disney Store discontinued this Collectible Certificate.
  • But you can still get the original classic from us, see below:


You can still get the original, classic stock certificate replica from us.

The original stock certificate design was used for Disney's actual registered stock certificates until 2013 when it converted to electronic registration.  The certificate shows the classic Disney characters including Mickey Mouse, Dumbo, Pinocchio, and Daffy Duck.  We still offer the following:

  1. Buy true one share ownership of Disney and get this personalized certificate, or
  2. Already own Disney? Buy a personalized replica certificate.
disney stock in gold frame