How To Replace Your Certificate In Frame



Certificate Replacement Instructions
  1. Frame - Use a flat screwdriver to bend flex tabs up. Remove the backing, mat, and acrylic. Peel protective sheets off front & back of the acrylic and place in frame. Place mat and backing in frame and secure the flex tabs. Acrylic care: use only a soft damp cloth.
  2. Mat - With certificate face up, place tape (acid-free tape is recommended), sticky side up, diagonally underneath each corner of the certificate. Take the mat and place it on top of the certificate. Center and press hard to engage tape. Then lift and secure tape seal.
  3. Plaques - Try to avoid touching the face of the plaque to avoid smudging and fingerprints. To remove any smudges, carefully wipe any non-printed portion with a soft cloth. If you are replacing a plaque, simply place it over the existing plaque to avoid tearing the mat.