New Gift Stock Alert: Buy Canopy Growth Stock

By Rick Roman - 13 Sep 2019 700 0 comment
New Gift Stock Alert: Buy Canopy Growth Stock

Now you can buy one share of Canopy Growth stock at GiveAshare.com

We took a poll on our Facebook page to see if our audience thought we should add this potentially controversial company to our stock list. People were overwhelmingly for it – they want to be able to easily buy Canopy Growth stock as a clever gift.

Canopy Growth was the first publicly traded cannabis stock in North America in 2014 and is a major player in both recreational and medical cannabis globally. The industry is attracting a lot of attention as more countries legalize. It is trying to position itself for the holy grail – legalization at the federal level in the U.S.

Constellation Brands, the alcoholic beverage giant, invested $4B in Canopy Growth. The company is looking to develop drinkable cannabis products which are expected to be introduced in Canada this year. More about Canopy Growth.

Don’t forget, Christmas is coming so it’s a great time to buy this clever gift that they won’t see coming. The personalized engraved plaque ideas are endless:

  • Hope this gift idea doesn’t go to “pot”.
  • Buy low, sell “high”.
  • Frequent customer – now owner.
  • As famous investor Peter Lynch says, “own what you know”
  • This “buds” for you….

We welcome any other clever plaque ideas.


UPDATE 2023:

We no longer offer Canopy Growth stock.  If you want a stock in the marijuana industry, go to our custom stock page.

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