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During checkout, we offer a variety of shipping method options to suit your needs for timing, cost, and risk. We use UPS/USPS live rate lookups to calculate the cost. It is important that you consider all the factors below when making your decision.

We highly recommend UPS (especially during covid) because of tracking, insurance, reliability and ease of claims process.  Please understand that if you select another method, you assume the risk of loss and claims.

Our systems and processes do not allow us to charge your UPS/FedEx account.


Shipping Method Comparison

First Class
Email on shipment YES YES YES YES
Ship to P.O. Box NO YES YES YES
Timing Guarantee YES1 YES2 NO NO
Insured YES YES (limits: $100 U.S. $200 Intl) YES (limits: $50 U.S. $100 Intl) NO
Tracking Excellent Limited Limited Limited
Claims Process Reasonable Difficult Difficult n/a
Who Has Risk of Loss Us You You You
Who Files Claim if Lost/Damaged Us You You n/a
1UPS limits its timing guarantee close to Christmas and during COVID
2For International shipments, USPS Express tiing guarantee is only for select countries.



We meet or beat our timing commitments but we are at the mercy of UPS and USPS to deliver your order to you. Delays by UPS or USPS due to bad weather or some other reason are out of our control. We will pass along insurance proceeds that we recover to impacted customers.



International Orders

Important Note: Some countries (ie. Canada, U.K.) may charge additional taxes or custom duties/fees upon delivery which are not included in the price and are charged upon delivery.

If you have any questions or need any clarifications, please contact us.