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Paper Stock Certificates - Going or Gone!

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Did you know? Stock brokers don't provide stock certificates anymore or if they do, they charge $500

It is part of an industry-wide effort to eliminate paper certificates and move to digital ownership. 

Don't worry, for now, we can still provide authentic stock certificates for most companies.  As this industry trend continues, the collectible value and appeal of stock certificates is enhanced so get one before its too late (stock list).


Latest Certificates To Go Away

  • GONE WebMD logo
    Taken private Q3-2017
  • GONE
    You can still buy stock and get a replia
    Smith & Wesson logo
    Smith Á Wesson
    Changed company name to Outdoor Brands 2016.
  • GONE
    You can still buy Under Armour stock
    under armour logo
    Under Armour
    Went paperless 2/2017.
  • GONE
    You can still buy GE stock
    general electric logo
    General Electric
    Went paperless 11/2016.
  • GONE dreamworks logo
    DreamWorks Animation
    Comcast bought DreamWorks 8/2016.
  • GONE Krispy Kreme logo
    Krispy Kreme
    Went private - 2016
  • GONE Petsmart logo
    Went private - 2015
  • GONE orbital sciences logo
    Orbital Sciences Corp
    Merged with ATK in Q12015.
    You can still buy Google stock...
    Google logo
    Eliminated paper stock certificates in May, 2014. Buy a share of Google stock here and get true ownership and a replica certificate to show off.
  • GONE! 1-800 Flowers logo
    Eliminated paper stock certificates on in March, 2014.
    You can still buy Disney stock...
    disney logo
    Disney stopped issuing negotiable paper stock certificates on 10/16/2013. Now stock is registered electronically and you get a personalized replica cert.. See the new Disney stock here
  • GONE! Dell logo
    Michael Dell took it private in Q4 2013.
    You can still buy Gamestop stock...
    GameStop logo
    Eliminated paper stock certificates on in Q3 2013. Buy a share of GameStop stock here and get true ownership and a replica certificate to show off.
    You can still buy Bank of America stock...
    bank of america logo
    Bank of America
    Eliminated paper stock certificates on 8/22/2013. Buy a share of Bank of America stock here and get true ownership and a replica certificate to show off.
    You can still buy SeaWorld stock...
    seaworld logo
    Issued about 10 certs after their IPO then went electronic. Go figure? Buy a share of SeaWorld stock here and get true ownership and a replica certificate to show off.
  • GONE! steinway logo
    Classic company being taken private.
    You can still buy Facebook stock...
    facebook logo
    Decision at time of IPO (May 2012) to not issue paper certificates. Buy a share of Facebook here and get true ownership and a replica certificate to show off.
  • GONE! human genome logo
    Human Genome Sciences
    Acquired by Glaxo in 2012.
    You can still buy Microsoft stock...
    microsoft logo
    Microsoft Inc.
    Effective 4/2012, microsoft will no longer issue paper certificates
    You can still buy Playboy collectible stock...
    playboy logo
    Playboy Enterprises
    As of 3/4/2011 Playboy is no longer publicly traded - Hef took it private.
  • GONE!
    Evergreen Solar
    As of 1/1/11, the company had a 1 for 6 reverse split and no longer issues paper certificates.
  • GONE!
    General Motor New IPO
    This new issue is 100% electronic registration so no paper certificates..
  • GONE!
    Motorola Inc.
    As of January 4, 2011, Motorola Inc. stock is gone. The company split into two companies - Motorola Mobility and Motorola Solutions. Both companies do not issue paper certificates.
    You can still buy Apple stock...
    Apple Inc.
    As of Nov. 2010, Apple no longer issues paper stock certificates. Congratulations to all our past customers who got one of these collectibles.
  • GONE!
    Burger King
    Acquired by 3G Capital - stock certificates going away soon.
  • GONE!
    Palm Inc.
    Merged with HP in July 2010.
  • GONE! world poker logo
    World Poker Tour
    Asset sale to British on-line gaming giant PartyGaming - 11/09
  • GONE! marvel logo
    Merged with Disney 12/2009.
  • GONE! wyeth logo
    Merged with Pfizer 10/09
  • GONE! gm logo
    General Motors
    Bankrupt - no longer public. Authentic collectibles available here.
  • GONE! visa logo
    Visa Intl Inc.
    Entirely electronic as of 8/09
  • GONE! wrigley logo
    Wm Wrigley Company
    Acquired by Mars Inc. a private company.
  • GONE!
    Buy authentic collectible now
    merrill lynch logo
    Merrill Lynch
    Acquired by Bank of America in 2008. Authentic collectible available here.
  • GONE! budwieser
    Anheuser-Busch Inc.
    Acquired by InBev of Belgium in 2008. Now we offer Anheuser-Busch/InBev stock.
  • GONE! imclone systems logo
    ImClone Systems
    Acquired by Eli Lilly in 2008.
  • GONE! pixar logo
    PIXAR Animation
    Acquired by Disney in 2007. There was a huge rush to get their certificates.
    You can still buy Intel stock...
    intel logo
    One of the first to go all electronic

Stock certificates for the companies above are either extinct or on their way!  See what their stock certificates looked like.

You may be asking,  How do I get a paper stock certificate? The answer is that you are in the right place - see our stock list.

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The Story Behind the Elimination of Paper Stock Certificates

Like everything else in this world, stock ownership is going digital in order to save time and money. The securities industry calls it "dematerialization" - we call it sad.

Some companies have already stopped issuing paper while many others plan to do the same soon. Still others will start charging disincentive fees to issue a paper certificates. Industry observers say that paper certificates will largely be eliminated in a year or two. What does this all mean? It means that if you want a paper stock certificate, you better hurry!

The industry-wide effort to eliminate physical stock certificates started over 30 years ago but momentum is building. Below is a chronology of the major events:

  • 2016/2017/2018 - The pace of companies eliminating paper certificates quickens.
  • 2015 - Computershare, the largest transfer agent in the U.S., announces it will charge a $25 fee to issue paper stock certificates in order to discourage paper. GiveAshare includes the fee in our price for Authentic Registered Stock Certificates and now offers a lower price alternative - Replica + Electronic Registration in order to avoid the fee.
  • 2013/2014 - DTCC Proposes Elimination of All Paper Stock Certificates - More...
  • 2013 - The momentum of companies choosing to stop issuing paper stock certificates picks up in Q4 2013 with GameStop, Bank of American, and Disney all saying no to paper.
  • 2013 - The European Union is contemplating a law to stop paper stock certificates from being issued by 2015 and eliminating all certificates in circulation by 2020. This is for the EU but you can be sure that the U.S. is not far behind.
  • 2013 - All stock brokers appear to pass on the $500 DTCC fee but some of their websites have not caught up yet. More stocks go electronic only including Gamestop and newly issued SeaWorld.
  • 2012 - Some stock brokers like Scottrade stop delivering paper stock certificates, while others like Schwab and eTrade pass on the $500 DTCC fee.
  • 2010 - Stock brokers start charging huge fees ($100-$500) for providing paper stock certificates, in order to discourage customers
  • 2009 - The Depository Trust Company starts charging stock brokers $500 per paper stock certificate to be issued to customers. Intent is that stock brokers pass this cost over to their customers which will bring requests for paper certificates to a standstill.
  • 2009 - As of 1/1/2009 the stock brokers cannot send physical stock certificates for  most companies. The reason is that the DTC stops providing this service to brokers. We can still get them because we work directly with transfer agents.
  • 2008 - 1/1/2008 was the target date established for all companies on the NASDAQ and NYSE to be set up on the DRS.  Although the target gets moved out, most companies comply..
  • 2007 - As of 1/1/2007, any new issue on NASDAQ or NYSE had to be eligible for electronic registration on the Direct Registration System (DRS). They could still use paper but would also be set up to allow electronic registration.
  • 1970's - Brokerage firms took the first step to streamline paperwork by establishing a central depository, the Depository Trust Company (DTC) where all stock certificates could be maintained.
  • 2006 - Delaware, the state where many companies are incorporated, changed it's state law removing the requirement for physical stock certificates. This got the ball rolling.
  • 1960's - Financial district messengers carried satchels of stock certificates from one broker to another. During peak periods, the stock market would be closed one day a week to allow brokerage firms to catch up on paperwork.

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