Trillion Dollar Club

By Erin Clerici - 31 May 2023 1404 0 comment
Trillion Dollar Club

Back in 2018, Apple Inc. became the first U.S. company to have a market capitalization of over $1T.

A lot has happened since then.  Apple is approaching the $3T mark and 6 other companies have been members of the Trillion Dollar Club during that time (data as of 5/31/2023):

  • Microsoft $2.4T 
  • Alphabet $1.5T 
  • Amazon $1.2T
  • Meta (Facebook) and Tesla both got above $1T but have fallen below.
  • Nvidia was a newbie to the Trillion Dollar Club just this week before it settled down to $.9T.  This company is soaring because it makes the chips to power AI. 

All the companies above except for Nvidia are on our stock list.

Market Capitalization = Stock Price x Shares Outstanding

As you can see from the formula above, big changes in the stock price can cause significate changes in the market cap of a stock.  It is changing every day.  Here is a good place to get an up to date snapshot at the companies with the largest market cap.


Our previous post provided some datapoints to help put a trillion into perspective and it is worth repeating here:

  • Mexico’s GDP is just above $1T
  • A trillion dollar bills laid end to end would reach the Sun
  • If you spend $1 per second, it would take you almost 32,000 years to spend a trillion dollars (even my wife can’t do that)

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