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GameStop Stock - Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about buying GameStop stock from GiveAshare including timing, Computershare DRS account, non-English alphabet and more... 

We will add to this page as necessary.  If this does not answer your question, please contact us and we will be happy to help you. 

Buy GameStop stock.

Framed Share of Gamestop stock.


GiveAshare is a small business in Arizona founded in 2002 to make it very easy for people to buy single shares of stock as a gift. We appreciate our customers and do our best to make them happy. We are not a broker but adhere to requirements established by the SEC.  We do not give investment advice.  More detail at our about us page.

Yes! Generally you will be able to use a credit card but in some cases we may require a wire transfer to protect us from fraudulent orders.

You get true one share ownership of GameStop stock.  Because GameStop no longer issues registered certificates (registration is electronic only) we first send a GameStop stock certificate replica that is personalized with the shareholder's name in the frame that is ordered.  This is for display purposes and references the shareholder's impending DRS ownership.  This leaves our Arizona office in 2 business days or less. 

The legal registration process takes some time (see timing section) and when completed, the shareholder will have an account at Computershare (GameStop's transfer agent) where the share is held.  Upon registration, Computershare sends the Direct Registration Statement (DRS) directly to the shareholder address. More information about the general process.


Process & Timing

Yes, we work with Computershare to electronically register your one share ownership in the Direct Registration System (DRS) held at Computershare. You will receive a DRS account statement from them after the registration is complete and you will then be able to register on Computershare's website to get on line access to your account.

The first part (framed replica) leaves our Arizona office in 2 business days or less.

The legal registration process takes time and a lot of it is out of our control.  It generally takes 3 to 7 weeks from the order/paid date for the registration to be completed by Computershare at which point Computershare sends the DRS statement to the shareholder.  We realize this is a wide range but we try to be conservative and there are many variables. 

In general, we submit registration paperwork on a weekly basis but in some cases, due to volume, additional time is required to acquire additional shares.

The Computershare side of the process is the biggest unknown.  They legally register the stock and then normally send the DRS statements out via USPS mail.  It is our understanding that Covid has slowed USPS transit time.


We understand that customers want their account number as soon as possible to be able to get on-line access to their Computershare account.  We do everything in our power to speed the process.

We are NOT able to get or send account numbers or DRS statements, this is all done by Computershare.

Computershare normally sends DRS statements out via USPS First Class Mail so transit time is a factor. We have heard that the shareholder may be able to contact Computershare after the stock is registered to get their account number.

Unfortunately, no. Please use only English alphabet for shipping, billing, and shareholder registration because non-English alphabet can be incompatible with our system, Computershare systems, and/or USPS/UPS systems. If you use non-English alphabet, you assume the risk/cost of delays and incorrect registration/shipping.


Computershare has recently informed us that non-English characters are not allowed in registration name or address and we just learned this the hard way on a few.


Same as above, non-English characters can cause issues.


You have more leeway here. If you use emoji's or non-English alphabet, make sure you review your order confirmation carefully and if it is okay, it should be fine

When we see that shares have been registered, we will update your order status so you can check it by logging in to our website.

order status page that shows gamestop registered

For some countries, payment must be made via wire transfer or Wise.com. At time of checkout, choose Wire as your payment method and immediately after you order, an automatic email will be sent that includes instructions. If payment is not initiated in 5 days, we automatically cancel the order.

Some customers have paid by Revolut which has been problematic and can delay processing because of a lack of identifying information to tie to the order.

We check the account at least daily to see payments received.  To see if we have received your payment, please login and check your Order Status.

USPS has suspended deliveries to these countries due to lack of resources so please select a UPS shipping method. Note that Computershare normally sends the DRS via USPS so not sure how they will handle.



Purchase a replica certificate in a premium frame or replica in paper frame. Looks just like what is displayed here.

They did but then stopped in 2013. Unbeknownst to us, they apparently started up again only to run out of certificates on 9/9/2021.  The company was evaluating if it would print more but as of 10/11/21, we have confirmed with Computershare that the company will no longer offer register certificates.This is consistent with the industry trend is to eliminate paper.