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In 2014,, a competitor of ours, went out of business.   We are NOT but we gladly help any of their former customers and have done so over the years.

To previous customers:

We are a small company and would like to be your source for one share stock gifts.   We have been a trusted source for 20 years and you can see from our product reviews and Google reviews that we treat people the way we want to be treated.  Give us a try – you will be glad you did.


framed disney stock

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Oneshare Post - Comments

  1. annie says:

    so what do we do with the oneshare stock from Disney if we did receive a certificate??

  2. If you received a certificate, congratulations! You are a Disney shareholder. There is nothing you need to do, you should be a shareholder of record with the transfer agent.

  3. No, unfortunately we don’t have any advice on how you would get your money back from them.

  4. Oneshare announced a while ago that Disney would no longer be issuing paper stocks. Their fault, not yours.

  5. Tammy Hall: I say we all group together and do a class-action suit to get our money back!! Who’s in?

  6. My husband and I purchased this as a gift to each other. We were told that Disney was on the verge of designing a new certificate and we had a choice go with the old, or wait for the new. We chose to wait for the new. Then we were told that Disney was not going with a paper stock, only electronic but would come up with a design for those who were purchasing as a gift and since we ordered frame and everything… Anyway, we finally received an email stating that the design was chosen and would be sent out by fall. Nothing happened, the Better Business Bureau is involved, but since we live in Canada, and the BBB that is chasing after them is in the US, we are pretty much out of luck. 🙁

  7. Sorry to hear that but I can’t tell you how many emails and calls we have received from people who experienced the exact same thing. As you probably know, Disney finally did come up with their Collectible Shareholder Certificate that is available only to shareholders at Here is what it looks like: ./disney-collectible-shareholder-certificate. Good luck.

  8. Hello all – I purchased from OneShare in December of 2013 and never received my Disney stock. I called them no answer. I emailed them no response. I filed a complaint with the BBB in California. Nothing. I was told sorry no response from the company on any of my complaints. I had just given up and thought my $200 was lost forever. Then out of the blue a check arrived in my mailbox from OneShare in February 2015 for my full amount. I don’t know what complaint did it but I will never use my debit card online again. If I had used my credit card I would have been refunded by my credit card company. I still want to purchase the Disney stock, it’s for my son’s college graduation and I am ordering today from GiveaShare. I hope to have a better experience.

  9. I am in the same boat. I paid the $$$ for the stock and the frame and everything and never got anything. I kept getting the site under maintenance message and thought I was just calling on a bad day. Can anyone give me some guidance on how they started the process to seek a refund?

  10. Gave a share of Disney to the daughter of a client, got a few notices apologizing for the delay and then they went out of business.
    Needless to say my client doesn’t think too highly of me.

  11. I also bought stock from Disney and all I received was a letter saying, Congratulations! you are now an official shareholder in one of America’s most admired companies, that’s all I got, I don’t even remember when I purchased it, I just came across it while I was cleaning out closets, there is no date on the letter, I have tried to contact them in the past and never got anywhere, so I put this letter away and forgot about it until now. I guess I am out $$$ for this stock also.

  12. At one point BBB was taking complaints but I don’t think they are any more because they got too many and the company is out of business.

  13. Hi, I would like more detail of information, since some time ago I bought shares of SONY Company and I have not had any answer or information about it

  14. I purchased a share of Tiffany’s stock for my grandaughter 6 years ago from One Share. Is it still worth something? It’s a real stock, so I guess it is but just checking. I just purchased a share from Give A Share for my other grand. Thank you for your response

  15. Hi Linda,
    Yes, your real stock certificate for Tiffany would still have value. You (or your granddaughter) can create an account at to manage the stock. We highly recommend that you do that in order to keep the account active and to keep the transfer agent (ComputerShare) from escheating the stock to the State. Thanks for your purchase from GiveAshare!

  16. Hi Diane,
    Yes, as long as you have the official certificate, you’re ok. You can purchase a share of Disney from us, but since Disney is no longer issueing paper certificates, we register the shares electronically, and send you a replica. Then, once you are a shareholder, you can go to the Disney Store and purchase a Disney Collectible Certificate.

  17. Hi Gustavo,
    If you have the stock certificate, you can create a shareholder account at ComputerShare (Sony’s transfer agent) and you can manage your stock account from there.

  18. Hi, we got a Tiffany & Co share back in 2007 from OneShare but never managed it… called Computershare and they said it went to the State since 2012, we’re in Ontario Canada… is this still claimable?

  19. Hi GiveAShare,

    Thank you for welcoming oneshare customers.

    I have a one share gift on hand and would like to make a redemption
    Would you be able to help me please?

  20. Sorry for delay. Just saw your comment. We do not buy back shares. To sell, you would need to go through a stock broker or in some cases, you may be able to sell through the transfer agent of the stock. If you tell us what stock, we might be able to tell you if they can. Please contact us rather than reply here because we do not monitor the blog too closely.

  21. Hi Ray, sorry for the late response, we don’t monitor the blog too closely due to so much spam. I would think it is claimable, I am just not sure where. In the U.S. it is your state of residence that you would file the claim with. Here is a link for more info that also includes some Canada info. Hope it helps.

  22. I purchased stocks through OneShare for Dreamworks. I received the certificates. What, if anything, do I do to ensure they are still valid?

    Second question, moving forward how do “we” avoid this from happening in the future? I would like to purchase certificates for my grandchildren, but how do I know I won’t go through the same challenges with you or some other site as I have with OneShare.

    Your feedback would be very beneficial … Thank you

  23. DreamWorks Animation was purchased by Comcast in 2016. EQ is the transfer agent that handles Comcast stock. You can contact them at to confirm that you are an owner on their records. If you still have the DreamWorks stock certificate, then the actual stock certificate has some value as a collectible (see As to your second question, we have been in business since 2002 and feel very strongly about our commitment to our customers. However, once you own the shares, then your communications and dealings are with the transfer agent that handles the stock. We strongly recommend that you open a shareholder account with the stock transfer agent to manage your holdings, including address updates, and that you cash any dividend checks you may receive in a timely manner. This ensures that your stock does not get escheated by the State. See our our escheat page.

  24. Hello all, I just came across a share that I purchased many years ago from I really don’t know if it has any residual value, so I thought that I’d try to contact oneshare just to see. Only to learn that they are no longer in business. My question is how do I find out if it’s worth anything?

  25. Depending on the stock, if it is still trading, you could check the value by going to google or yahoo finance sites and looking up the symbol. If it is not trading, I would recommend contacting to see if the actual certificate has any value.

  26. I have a stock certificate for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. Where do I go to register this certificate? It was bought in 2005. I would also like information on purchasing more stock. Thank you for your assistance.

  27. If you have the stock certificate, it is already registered – but I think you are asking how you check on the status of the stock? Martha Stewart Omnimedia (MSO) was purchased by Sequential Brands in 2015. You would need to contact Sequential Brands Investor Relations team in order to find out the current status of your stock. If you would like to purchase additional stock other than MSO, you can go to our website and see our stock list.

  28. I am still trying to get someone to contact me about Oneshare. I have tried several websites but no one has ever responded. You are my last hope. Can someone please contact me.

  29. I have a share of Disney stock that I bought from years ago. I know Disney stock split back in 2007, I never got notice of receiving additional shares? How would I check this out?

  30. Hi Jim. I did not remember a split in 2007 so had to look it up. It looks like it was a 1014 for 1000 split. To me, that sounds like it may have been some sort of a stock dividend. Anyway, you can check with Broadridge who is Disney’s transfer agent. See transfer agent contact info.

    It is always a good idea to set up on-line access to your account at the transfer agent so that you can monitor your account and do other things like change your address very easily.

    My guess is that this was a stock dividend and so that would be reflected in the history of your account.

    Hope that helps.

    BTW, you are one of the lucky ones who got a real Disney stock certificate before they went electronic.

  31. I was cleaning my house and found a certificate for of stock I brought in 2002 please tell what am I suppose to do. Is that business out of business

  32. I am not sure I understand. Oneshare used to sell single shares of stock in publicly traded companies like Disney. We would be happy to help you sort things out. Please contact us – maybe you can include a pic of what you are referring to.

  33. In 2004 I purchased 3 stocks. One share each of Sirius Satellite, Dell, and Hewlard Packard. I guess I am out of money as well

  34. Hi Shea,

    You should be okay – the people who got ripped off bought their stock much later. My guess is that you have the registered stock certificates. I would recommend you contact the transfer agent for each stock to set up on-line access to your account. Computershare is the transfer agent for both stocks. Let us know how it goes.

  35. I am a previous customer of, i have a disney stock certificate, how would i go about transfering this stock so i can manage it.



  36. I bought one share of Hollywood Park from One Share of Stock in 1999. They are out of business but how can I find out about my stock?

  37. Hi Ronda. Have not heard of that one. I did a quick search and it does not look publicly traded any more. The stock certificate should show a transfer agent on it that you can check with but you may also want to consider contacting Bob at who is an expert when it comes to old collectible stock certificates and their history. Tell him Rick form GiveAshare sent you.

  38. Hello, I have a Marvel Enterprises certificate from 2002 purchased from OneShare. How would I transfer this certificate in order to add it to my portfolio

    Thank you

  39. Hi, It is my understanding that Marvel Enterprises was bought by Disney in 2009 for $30 and approximately 0.745 so it is no longer a stand-alone publicly traded company. You may want to contact Disney’s transfer agent to see if there is a way that you can do anything at this point but the odds are low. Good luck.

  40. Hi, we bought one share of Disney stock through OneShare years ago and received the stock certificate. We have been receiving dividends for years but would now like to sell the stock or transfer ownership into a brokerage account. This seems to be incredibly complicated by the instructions in Compushare and requires redemption of the stock certificate. However, we no longer have the stock certificate and it seems this situation can’t be resolved unless we order a new certificate (somehow). Is there any way to resolve this situation?

  41. Hi Douglas, It sounds like you lost the stock certificate so step 1 is to report the share lost and go through the lost certificate process at computershare. Normally this requires filling out paperwork and paying an insurance fee (typically $25-$80). Upon completion, your share will be reinstituted as book entry. At that point, you can transfer the share to a brokerage account (initiated at your broker) or sold. I know it seems like a lot but Computershare can guide you thru the process including having on-line forms and help. If you have other questions, we are happy to help but fastest response will be via phone 480-621-6657 or email to contact us..

  42. I bought1 share of Leapfrog from in 2008. I have the framed certificate. What can I do with it now?

  43. I bought a share of Leapfrog from oneshare years ago. I do have the certificate and would like to know if there is any value to it? Can you please point me in the right direction?

  44. Hi Diane, Leapfrog was acquired by VTech back in 2016 for $1 per share. We kept our certificates as collectibles because of their cool design.