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Sep 2014

One More Reason To Buy One Share of DreamWorks Stock

dwa-101-logo100  Better buy one share of DreamWorks stock and get the authentic stock certificate while you still can!  Reports are that Japan’s SoftBank is in talks to buy DreamWorks Animation SKG.  If that happens, the authentic paper stock certificate featuring the famous logo and Shrek peaking out from the bottom, will go away forever.

That will be great news for stock certificate collectors as the collectible value of the certificate will increase but we will be sorry to see it go, because it has been one of the most popular stocks on our stock list.


One More Reason To Buy One Share of Disney Stock

dis-101-logo100  One more reason to buy one share of Disney from GiveAshare.com!

Disney has just introduced the long-awaited Collectible Shareholder Certificate that can ONLY be purchased by existing Disney shareholders.

If you are not a shareholder already, buy one share of Disney stock from us.   In addition to everything that you get from GiveAshare.com, you will then be eligible to purchase the collectible certificate (see image at left) from  Disneystore.com.

If you already bought Disney stock from GiveAshare.com, you are already eligible to purchase the collectible from Disneystore.com.  Note the certificate is 8×12 so will fit the frames and mats on our website.

Get more info and see the Disney Collectible Stock Certificate.


Sep 2014

Alibaba IPO – Should We Offer Alibaba Stock?

alibaba ipo






The massive Alibaba IPO is just about here.  Should we add it to our stock list?  Let us know:

The Chinese ecommerce giant will list on the NYSE with the ticker BABA.  “ba” means “8″ in Chinese and is considered lucky (I guess double luck in this case).  We did a little research to determine if Alibaba will issue paper stock certificates and surprisingly, it looks like they may.

Let us know what you think – Would you want to buy one share of Alibaba?

Aug 2014

Berkshire Hathaway Stock Hits $200,000

My daughter owns one share of Berkshire Hathaway stock.  Class B but hopes to own Class A at some point.

My daughter meeting Warren Buffet at the Annual Shareholder Meeting. She owns one share of the B stock.


One share of Berkshire Hathaway stock hit $200,000 for the first time today!


Aug 2014

One Share of Stock In Just Two Minutes

GiveAshare.com Sells one share stock certificates

GiveAshare’s New Logo


GiveAshare.com was launched in 2002 specializing in selling one share of stock as a unique gift.  We started out selling single shares of Boston Celtics stock and now we have over 100 companies on our stock list.

Our success is a result of a clever product, awesome customer service, and a revolutionary process that lets gift givers complete an order for a real share of stock in just two minutes.

Check out our new logo!

Jul 2014

Financial Literacy Test – Chinese Rout U.S. Kids

kids financial literacy

U.S. kids didn’t fare too well in a competition that is more important than the NBA Finals or the World Cup .  This competition is an indicator of the future financial well being of our kids – and it shows that parents have a lot of work to do. (more…)

May 2014

Google Stock Split & Stock Certificates


When it comes to Google stock, I’m happy and sad at the same time.  (more…)

Apple Stock Split – Now It’s Affordable


Great News!  A share of Apple stock is now 7 times cheaper.  (more…)

Nov 2013

Hot News: Twitter WILL Issue Paper Stock Certificates

twitter stock certificate

twitter stock certificate


Great News!

Twitter’s transfer agent (Computershare) confirmed today that the company WILL issue paper stock certificates.  This bucks the latest trend of companies registering stock electronically in lieu of issuing paper.

The certificate design was part of its IPO filing.  It is printed on anti-counterfeiting paper with an ornate design and its unforgettable logo!

Buy Twitter IPO Stock – Now At GiveAshare.com

twitter stock certificate

twitter stock certificate


Hot News!  We’re proud to announce that you can now buy Twitter stock at GiveAshare.com.  It was added to our stock list just one minute ago.

If you want to give an unforgettable Christmas gift, this is it!




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