Google Stock Split & Stock Certificates

When it comes to Google stock, I’m happy and sad at the same time. I’m happy because last month, Goo..

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Apple Stock Split – Now It’s Affordable

Great News! A share of Apple stock is now 7 times cheaper.  Last week, Apple Inc. announced ..

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Twitter IPO Fanatics = Dodo Bird?

This is a dodo bird. It became extinct because of its inability to evolve. Not to be critical but th..

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Vegas Bets on Twitter IPO

Yep, Vegas is taking bets related to the Twitter IPO giving us a glimpse at the odds of when the Twi..

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Twitter Stock At GiveAshare? You Betcha!

Hot news, it’s official – Twitter is filing for their IPO. They made the announcement a few hours ag..

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Uh Oh – European Union Eliminating All Stock Certificates

Take note – A sign of things to come. According to The Independent, a UK newspaper, the European ..

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