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Spotify IPO is Not an IPO

The Spotify IPO is expected April 3, 2018. Here are some interesting tidbits that most people don’t ..

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Wine Perks From Wine Stock

I didn’t know owning one share of Willamette Valley Vineyards could be such fun. Shareholders g..

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Money Lessons For Grandkids

Personal finance guru, Jean Chatzky, has something in common with founder, Rick Roman..

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Snapchat is Here - Buy Snapchat Stock

The highly anticipated Snap Inc. IPO (Snapchat) is now in the history books. The stock price soared ..

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Whoops, Wrong Snap Stock!

Snapchat’s (now called Snap Inc.) IPO hasn’t happened yet but that hasn’t stopped confused investors..

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Snap IPO Update - Snap Chooses NYSE

Per CNBC this morning, Snap has chosed to be listed on the NYSE. The Snapchat IPO is picking up stea..

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