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Tesla To Remain Public – At Least for Now

Tesla now says it will remain a publicly traded company. A couple of weeks ago, creative genius Elon..

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Saudi-Aramco IPO Shelved

The much anticipated Aramco IPO was formally shelved today. Too bad! The Saudi’s were planning on..

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One-trillion USD

Last week Apple Inc. crossed the $1T mark in terms of value! Unless you live in a cave you couldn’t ..

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Tesla Going Private?

Tesla stock skyrocketed yesterday when Elon Musk said he was thinking about taking Tesla private. We..

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Apple Dividend

Cha-ching!!! We got our first dividend check from Apple Inc. today! It’s the first dividend pa..

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Nike Stock - More Popular As Stock Split Makes It Cheaper

Nike’s 2 for 1 stock split on December 26th drastically lowered its stock price. As a result, we low..

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