Manchester United Shares Added - Own A Dynasty!

By Rick Roman - 10 Aug 2012 862 0 comment
Manchester United Shares Added - Own A Dynasty!

Manchester United Football Club IPO is here and on our stock list!

Now you can buy a share of Manchester United stock and own this iconic sports team founded in 1878.

Manchester United is now the ONLY sports team that is publicly traded in the U.S. – quite a rarity. Almost all sports teams are privately owned and just a few are parts of larger corporations. The next closest thing to a pure play is Madison Square Garden stock which owns the NY Knicks basketball team and the NY Rangers hockey team.

Back to the Manchester United IPO – There were some interesting comments on CNBC this morning by some analysts who questioned the investment value of Manchester United at this level. One mentioned the following upside scenario partially in jest:

"There’s upside if a sheikh," (I learned that this spelling is correct), "decided to buy Manchester United to challenge a compatriot and dabble in soccer much the same way that zillionaires buy race horses." He was referring to the fact that Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan bought Manchester City Football Club in 2008 and has since been acquiring many of the world’s stop players and winning titles.

Man. Utd needs to keep up with these deep pockets or they might see their days of winning titles come to an end.

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