Another Disney Stock Perk

By Rick Roman - 11 Aug 2010 609 0 comment
Another Disney Stock Perk

Disney does it again… Another Disney shareholder perk for the recipients of Walt Disney stock!

Disney’s Investor Relations publishes a quarterly newsletter available to all shareholders. This newsletter is a great way to get your child more interested in THEIR company.  Packed full of colorful images that grab attention, the newsletter highlights activity in the quarter.

For example the latest newsletter has a cute cover showing all of the Toy Story 3 movie characters. Stories include the new ABC Prime Time lineup for 2010-2011, Iron Man 2 box office results, ESPN’s Monday Night Football lineup, Alice in Wonderland, Disney Junior, new things happening at Disneyland and Disney World, and a lot more.

“I see this as kind of a Disney Quarterly Report for investors, but without inundating them with numbers,” says Leslie Roman, founder of “This newsletter is another example of how stock ownership can help kids learn about money and the stock market in a fun and experiential way.”

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