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Dec 2020

Airbnb IPO Stock Now Available


Airbnb IPO stock is now available at GiveAshare.com!

Buy Airbnb stock.

Jul 2020

Apple Stock Split – 4 for 1

apple stock logoIn a surprise move yesterday, Apple announced a 4 for 1 stock split.  The company says they are splitting the stock to make shares more affordable for retail investors (ie everyday people).   At GiveAshare.com , we want to do the same so are making post-split shares available for purchase now. (more…)

Dec 2019

Saudi Aramco IPO is World’s Largest

Aramco had a successful IPO on the Saudi exchange on December 11th.

  • It raised $25.6B, which makes it the world’s largest IPO ever!  China’s Alibaba had the record previously at a mere $25B.
  • The stock soared 10% on the first day of trading and may have gone higher but Saudi exchange rules cap one day gains to 10%.
  • The next trading day was almost as good which raised the market capitalization to over $2T.  This is more than the market cap of the five biggest international oil companies COMBINED!  Many of these companies are already on our stock list.


Fingers crossed that Aramco gets to a U.S. stock exchange.  It has been talked about but no plans yet and will likely to take a while.  We will continue to monitor it and alert you if and when it happens.

Dec 2019

New Gift Stock Alert: Buy Beyond Meat Stock

beyond meat logo

Do you have a vegetarian, vegan, or flexitarian friend or loved one? Never heard of the term “flexitarian”? A flexitarian is a person who still consumes meat but regularly choose meatless alternatives when they can – and almost a third of Americans now identify with the term. There’s a variety of reasons one might be a flexitarian, including diet and concerns about animal welfare or the environment. But there’s some big barriers stopping people from making the switch from flexitarian to vegetarian: the taste, texture, and variety of plant-based meat substitutes.


Beyond Meat understands these barriers and is rushing to satisfy an increasing market of flexitarians. It’s no surprise that since their IPO earlier this year, we’ve had countless requests to allow people to buy Beyond Meat stock at GiveAshare.com. Calling themselves “The Future of Protein®”, they’ve created one of the best tasting, most accurately textured plant-based burgers out there – along with their other successful faux meats. Not only have they proved to grocery stores that their products deserve a spot in the meat aisle, they have also been making partnerships with various fast food restaurants (including McDonald’s, Subway, and KFC, just to name a few).


Christmas is coming up quick so be sure to stop by GiveAshare.com for this unique flexitarian/vegetarian-friendly stock gift.

Nov 2019

Stock Gifts – 11 New Stocks Added to our Stock Gift List

 We’ve added 11 new and exciting stocks to our stock gift list.

Fun companies with ultra-cool stock certificates are here just in time for the holidays and reflect all aspects of our current economy.  Here is the list of 11 stocks gifts added to our list:


Nov 2019

Aramco IPO News -Update

The good news is that Saudi Aramco finally officially announced that the Aramco IPO is ON!  The temporary bad news is that it will initially only be on the Saudi stock exchange which might happen as early as December, but based on history, will take longer.


As this article on BBC notes, the listing on international exchanges like in the U.S. is tabled for now but will likely happen at some point:  “The firm said it has no current plans for a foreign share listing, saying long-discussed plans for a two-stage IPO including an offering on a foreign exchange had been put aside for now.”

We are exploring the option of putting it on our list anyway but this is very complex and unlikely.

We will keep you informed of any updates including if we add it to our stock list.

BTW, we have just added 10 exciting new stocks to our stock list like Virgin Galactica which is the first and only public company focused on space travel for tourists and Mach 5 point-to-point travel here on earth.  This company is well suited for kids because it grabs their attention and imagination and has a great price point.


Oct 2019

Virgin Galactic Stock Blasts Off

virgin galactic stock certificate

As a kid, I was captivated by the space program and dreamed of becoming an astronaut.  I ended up in Finance instead – that’s similar right?  Anyway, I always thought progress would be fast enough to get me into space at some point but after the Apollo heydays in space, things seemed to slow.   Then came Virgin Galactic!

Virgin Galactic is a commercial space travel company expecting to take it’s first paying passengers to outer space in 2020.

Don’t sign me up yet – the price is $250,000 for a 90 minute flight to the edge of the atmosphere.  Too steep for me but apparently not for the more than 700 customers who already signed up.  They expect to get the price down drastically over the coming years so hopefully I can afford it before they have to add Depends to my flight suit.

The $250,000 gets you into a 4-day program mostly for training and assessments but best of all, you get to keep the flight suit!  The plane-like spacecraft is launched from another futuristic aircraft, then ignites it powerful propulsion system to get to the edge of the atmosphere where passengers get to enjoy the view and experience micro-gravity before the wings fold up for re-entry and redeploy for landing in the New Mexico spaceport where the trip began.

In addition,the company expects to use its technology to revolutionize long distance travel on earth, reducing the travel time of a normal 10 hour flight to just 90 mins.  Traveling Mach 5 versus a measly Mach .8 (notice the decimal point) for a business jet sounds like it could rip your skin off.  Even the supersonic jets a couple decades ago only got to Mach 2.

This is a fascinating company and thanks to yesterday’s IPO and GiveAshare.com, anyone can buy one share of Virgin Galactic stock for themselves or as a gift.  We anticipate this being one of our more popular stocks because of the allure of space travel and the coolness factor of the company, the stock certificate and the founder, Sir Richard Branson.

In addition, a share of Virgin Galactic stock is a powerful way to teach kids.  First, the framed stock certificate grabs their attention and hanging it on the wall keeps it front and center.  Then, each mailing from his/her company becomes a learning opportunity – declared dividends checks, annual reports, invites to shareholder meetings.  The Virgin Galactic website is full of captivating information, images, and videos that will keep them coming back for more.  Plus, we want more boys and girls interested in STEM.

In the meantime, I’ll be watching the prices to see when I get to take the plunge – I know it will happen!