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Monthly: 09 2010

Secrets Starbucks Doesn’t Want You To Know

I got a kick out of an article written by Michael Koretzky and posted on moneytalknews.com.  It got the inside scoop from a Starbucks barista not only about ways to save some money but some things they do to customers. Tweet

Southwest Showing Some LUV

Southwest Airlines is showing some “LUV” (that is their stock ticker symbol – some stock humor for you) for Air Tran to the tune of $1.4B.  They are acquiring Air Tran which is the 8th largest discount airline.  The price is a 69% premium over Air Tran’s closing price on Friday.  Even Southwest stock is […]

Stock for Kids – The Secret Formula

When I was a kid,  my parents helped me buy my very own stock – Topps Chewing Gum Inc.  –the perfect choice for an avid sports card collector and voracious gum-chewer.  My parents did not realize it then but that one event would have a profound effect on my life! Tweet

Bosses Day Gift – For the Coffee Addict

Last year we received an email from Marci T. in Tampa Florida. She and her team were having trouble Tweet

Outrageous Stock Certificate Fees!

Well, we warned you it was coming! Anyone who asks their stock broker to deliver a physical stock certificate better ask what the fee is and you better be sitting down when you get the answer.  We just checked with Scottrade and Charles Schwab and they both charge $500.  In fact for most stocks, they […]

Cramer’s 10 Stocks for Kids Under 10

Mad Money’s Jim Cramer is a big believer that stock ownership is the best way to teach kids about stocks.  Check out his list of 10 Stocks for Kids Under 10.  Most of the choices are not a surprise:  Disney Amazon, Apple but it was interesting that he included BP stock on the list. Tweet

A Whopper of a Deal – Burger King Stock

Private equity firm  3G Capital is really trying to “have it their way”!  They are purchasing Burger King in a deal valued at $3.26 billion. Tweet