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Monthly: 08 2012

Apple Dividend

  Cha-ching!!! We got our first dividend check from Apple Inc. today! It’s the first dividend payment since 1995 – the pre ipod, ipad, iphone days. Tweet

Billionaire Soros Buys Some Manchester United Stock

  Billionaires like football too! NBC reported today that George Soros’  hedge fund bought 7.85% of Manchester United stock . Tweet

How To Buy Manchester United Stock – New Video

  Check out our new video on How To Buy Manchester United Stock Tweet

Buy Stock For Kids – Jim Cramer Style

  Jim Cramer has always been an advocate of buying stocks for kids as a way to teach them.   He recently reiterated his view and came up with a list of 10 Stocks To Buy Kids in2012 . Tweet

Manchester United – The World’s Most Valuable Sports Team

With today’s IPO, Manchester United Football Club iced its #1 position as the most valuable sports team in the world at $2.3B.  Many of us Americans just assumed it would be the NY Yankees or Dallas Cowboys but the world loves football (soccer that is). As of today, you can buy shares of Manchester United […]

Manchester United Shares Added – Own A Dynasty!

Manchester United Football Club IPO is here and on our stock list! Now you can buy a share of Manchester United stock and own this iconic sports team founded in 1878. Tweet

Stock Split Mania

Seems like a slew of companies like Coca-Cola and  Google have announced stock splits recently.  Even Apple is seriously considering a split.  Seems like a great opportunity to explain what a stock split is. Sometimes companies declare stock splits because they want to lower their stock price to make it more attractive to smaller investors.  […]